a step in the right direction

i’m forcing myself, now, to finish what i started. yeah, maybe i won’t be able to actually come back and finish it but at least i could say that i tried coming back and finishing it. or perhaps take the same path but with a different goal or destination. hay…

ah basta! kailangan tong tapusin! i hope that i will be guided well. i pray that this would be the answer…

^yeah, that’s me there, seated! pwede na ba akong model ng course/department namen? hahaha…

basta, tatapusin ko to! aja!!! 😛

Ikeda Hall (Balay Kalinaw) lights

i always pass by Ikeda Hall or Balay Kalinaw in UP when i’m on my way home. now that i’ll be moving to another place (still looking for one, though) soon, i know i’ll miss it. it looks very Asian to me. well, a fusion of different Asian cultures perhaps but the way it looks, the roof is not like a bahay kubo but more of those from Indonesia. wide facade/base for earthquakes, a veranda and large windows both for hot weather, terracotta tiles, roof overhang… perhaps i’d want a house designed like this. it’s not just a building but a landmark of Asian culture and heritage.

Magpatuloy magbasa Ikeda Hall (Balay Kalinaw) lights

Koro, Klasik, Krismas!

napag-usapan na namen ng best friend ko before pa about watching this concert. yung officemate daw niya eh member nung group and since her boyfriend would be someplace else, she decided that i could tag along with her to attend. para naman daw di siya magmukhang loser at mag-isa lang siyang pupunta dun. 😛 hehehe… the performers were called Koro Ilustrado and they were an all-male chorus.

Magpatuloy magbasa Koro, Klasik, Krismas!