try-try lang

*crunch fingers*

man, that feels good!

no, hindi pa ako kinukuha ni Lord. (thank You po!) madami pa daw akong kasamaang dapat ipalaganap at i-hasik dito sa mundong ibabaw. BWAHAHAHAHA… *in a deep, low voice*

ano na ba ang nangyari saken? nawalan na ako ng isusulat. i don’t know. i think i’ve covered more or less the topics that i have been quite interested in. and then *boom!* wala na akong interest. i always find myself staring and clicking at my monitor. parang baliw lang. i think i’ve lost it… the reason to live. choz! 😛

seriously, i’ve been thinking about passion — my passion, specifically. i see most of my friends online and in real life raving about their latest experiences on what they are most passionate about. one loves astronomy, another loves science, another one is passionate about living her faith, the other is so much into photography, another person loves food, this person loves tech and computers, my officemate loves her family so much, etc. whereas i find myself into some of these things but only in little portions. wala akong pinagtutuunan ng passion with a “GRRRRR!”

nevertheless, siguro magandang hintayin na lang din yun. i’ve tried yung madami na sa mga bagay na gusto kong i-try pero wala pa din yung “the one” (hindi ito Solmux endorsement, oki?) that would make me devote so much time and effort in it. so right now, OK lang. pa-jog-jog na lang muna sa hapon.