everything was so slow and then BAM!

i never felt the christmas rush. ever. until this afternoon.

dati-rati, halos Nobyembre palang, gustong-gusto ko na mag-Christmas break na. nakakatamad na pumasok araw-araw. pero ngayon, parang “meh!” nothing. nawalan na ba ako ng Christmas spirit? di naman. nararamdaman ko naman eh. kaso lang parang other things took priority over other stuff. to the point na parang everything is just part of the daily grind. “uy, Monday na naman. pasok na ulit.” “ayan, Wednesday na. humpday!” “yehey, Friday! weekend!!!”

walang countdown to the vacation. tumatanda na ba talaga ako na parang gastos na lang talaga ang naiisip sa pasko?

i was worrying about this and then just this afternoon, BAM! i’m engulfed in a tidal wave of Christmas happenings. buying (exchange) gifts, thinking of what to get and wear, preparing for the party, etc… it’s overwhelming. hindi ako nakapag-handa. and nagulat na lang din ako na simula na pala ng simbang gabi mamaya! where have i been?!

kaya ngayon, parang naiiyak ako dahil di ako makahinga sa mga ginagawang paghahanda. i sometimes live for procrastination but this one is stressful. ngayon ko lang yata talaga naramdaman ang Christmas Stress, hindi Christmas Rush. a ‘rush’ for me has a more positive meaning. buti sana kung ganoon. pero ngayon, i just feel tired. which now makes me look forward to that break.

rise of the fenix

okay, i’m back to doing corny titles. 😛

i just bought myself a flashlight.

so what? it’s just a flashlight.

but this is a bit on the pricey side of flashlights.


one night after having dinner along katipunan, i thought of dropping by national bookstore and check out flashlights for emergency purposes. i found this on their shelves and thought, “wow, P500 for a flashlight. that’s a bit expensive.” but it had features like emergency/flashing mode and it even turns itself on when dropped in water.

but having never heard of Life+Gear, i went back to the office and did some researching and found their website. and it was downhill for my money from there. i didn’t just look for their flashlights, i started to Google other flashlights. and then i found a forum that discussed different kinds of ‘everyday carry’ flashlights or EDCs. and then i Googled some more on the different brands, and even on online shopping websites. and then it finally led me (pun not intended) to LEDtogo on facebook.

Magpatuloy magbasa rise of the fenix