monday tag

medyo sinisipag ako ngayong lunes… hindi nga lang sa trabaho. ūüėÄ hehehe…¬† may nag-tag ulit sa akin at medyo… ummm… actually, hindi… LUTANG NA LUTANG ako dahil lunes ngayon. nakapagpahinga ng mas maayos ngayong linggo kesa nakaraan. although andami ko pa ding nakakalimutan dalhin from the province. garrrr… di bale… tuloy ang ligaya ngayong lunes! salamat sa isang naawa at nanlimos ng atensyon sa aking mumunting lugar sa cyberspace. ūüôā

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
Si roshaine, my pampangkin…

2. What were you doing at 0800?
kumakain ng almusal sa bahay

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
nakaupo na sa opisina. nagche-check ng mail

4. What happened to you in 2006?
ay, may ganyang level ng pagtatanong? kulang ako sa memory recall eh. basta natatandaan ko, nag-enroll ako sa MSc ko. dine-debate ko pa kung isa itong malaking kahibangan at pagkakamali…

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?

6. How many beverages did you have today?
hmmm… so far puro tubig pa lang iniinom ko.

7. What color is your hairbrush?
transparent na green yung hawakan tapos puti yung bristles. oo, may brush ako pero nasa kwarto lang  yun noh!

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
pamasahe. sa jip. P7.50

9. Where were you last night?
at home, nanood ng “my girl and i” sa QTV

10. What color is your front door?

11. Where do you keep your change?
sa bag. minsan sa jeans din

12. What’s the weather like today?
according to PAGASA… oh, wait! baka magkamali pa ako. ako na lang sisilip… *labas ng pinto, silip sa langit* makulimlim…
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
brazo de mercedes!

14. What excites you?
pwedeng “who” na lang? ūüėÄ

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
gusto ko nga magpakalbo minsan. minsan naman long-hair. ewan ko…

16. Are you over the age of 25?
di noh! 1983ako eh. so in 2 years pa mangyayaring OVER 25 ako.

17. Do you talk a lot?
no. i’m most of the time quiet around other people. pero pag comfy na ako sayo, ihanda na ang earmuffs.

18. Do you watch the O.C.?
nope. don’t even know what it is…

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
wala rin…

20. Do you make up your own words?
what? the chumenes chuva of the chorvalynkylieminogue?

21. Are you a jealous person?
not so very pero i am

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‚ÄėA‚Äô.
Ana Lourdes

¬†23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‚ÄėK‚Äô.

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?
Si A. *kilig*

25. What does the last text message you received say?
galing kay bbf milou…

“U.P. molded you in such a way that
when the world is sitting, you would be standing,
and when the world is standing you would stand out,
and when the world stands out, you would be outstanding,
and when the world tries to be outstanding, you would be the standard.

Isang masaya at MAY-YABANG na SENTENARYO sa iyo, Taga – UP!”

(i’ll probably blog about that some other time)

26. Do you chew on your straw?

27. Do you have curly hair?
pag mahaba, oo. pag maiksi, medyo manageable… read more here.

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
dito lang… sa may Pan Pacific Hotel, Manila. sana…
 29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
yung mamang naninigarilyo at dumudura sa jip!

30. What was the last thing you ate?
a papaya dish from ate malu at rice

31. Will you get married in the future?
*cross fingers* 2010? ūüėÄ

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
di ko nagustuhan ang beowulf. pero over 2 weeks (i think), napanood ko yung Just Friends. haaaay…

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
ummmm… to many to mention? ūüėõ

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
kanina bago naligo.

35. Are you currently depressed?

36. Did you cry today?

37. Why did you answer and post this?
kasi… magbasa ng unang bahagi ng post…
38. 5 people you tag next?
pwedeng pass muna? alam ko di rin magrereply mga yun eh… ahehe…

i wish i was single again

i wish i was single againgusto niyong maki-kanta? hanapin niyo lang sa youtube ang performance ng Madz. maaliw kayo pramis. ūüôā

and please do take time to digest the lyrics of the song. ang actual advice ay nasa dulo. (huuus… palusot ka pa! -A)

when i was single, oh then, oh then
when i was single, oh then
when i was single my pockets would jingle
and i wish i was single again.

a-jing 3x
a-ling 3x
my pockets did jingle and jingle
when i was still single
and i wish i was single again.

i married a wife, oh then, oh then
i married a wife, oh then
i married a wife
she’s the plague of my life
and i wish i was single again, again
i wish i was single again

a plague! a plague! a plague!
a hag! a hag! a hag!
my wife was the plague of my life
the plague of my life was my wife

but my wife, she died, oh then, oh then
my wife, she died, oh then
my wife she died
and then i cried
to think i was single again, again
to think i was single again

she died, she died, she died
i cried, i cried, i cried
i cried when she died
i cried and cried and cried…

i married another, oh then, oh then
i married another, oh then
i married another
she’s worse than the other
and wish i was single again, again
i wish i was single again

she’s worse! she’s worse! she’s worse!
a curse! a curse! a curse!
she’s worse than the other
the devil’s grandmother
and i wish i was single again

so young men take warning from this, from this
young men take warning from this
be good to the first
for the next is much worse
and i wish i was single again, again
i wish i was single again

Christmas frustration

paskong pasko na ako.

ramdam ko na ang pasko everytime i wake up. malamig na ang ginigisingan kong kuwarto, nagkukumot ako’t namamaluktot sa lamig madalas. kahit tanghaling tapat, OK lang di magpayong. medyo overcast ang langit at masarap mag stroll-stroll lang sa daan. and to make me feel even more Christmas-y, naglagay na ako ng Christmas themed wallpaper sa aking desktop. However, di ako ganoon kasaya sa nakuha kong wallpapers. yung isa, it’s a landscape of snow-covered pine trees, most everything in a hue of blue and the sunset giving an warm feeling and a sense of excitement that something is coming. you are looking forward to something this night or the next. nice diba?

the other one is a bunch of fallen leaves predominantly in the colors of Christmas (red and green) but signify fall (before the winter season). the fallen leaves have this parang snow on them kaya it gives the Christmas-y feel. pero when i put it on my desktop, it just doesn’t feel Christmas enough. kulang. hollow. bitin. di ko talaga maintindihan pero di ko maramdaman ang pasko kahit na ganun ang nakikita ko. hindi ko naman masabing dahil sa hirap ng buhay talaga pero it doesn’t feel right. hindi pasko para sa akin ang snow, red and green, Christmas tree o taglagas. eventually, na-realize ko kung ano ang hinahanap ko… PAROL.

bakit ba walang taong gumagawa ng parol wallpaper? gusto kong makapaglagay ng parol sa aking laptop. imposible naman, siyempre, na magsabit ako ng parol. duh? gusto kong ipakita or maramdaman man lang na “oi! paskong pinoy yata ang sine-celebrate ko!” so idadagdag ko sa aking wishlist ngayong pasko: Parol or Paskong Pinoy wallpaper…

reasons for blogging

i received an unexpected meme. unexpected in the sense that i don’t know this person that well but one thing i know about him is that he isn’t fond of participating in these types things (read: snob). since i’m not one to object to a tag that seems to start neurons in other parts of my brain, i’ll be doing this one with a good reflecting-cum-thinking cap.

tag instructions are simple: write 5 reasons why you blog. it doesn’t explicitly say ‘explain’ but most of the bloggers who participated expounded generously, albeit sounding defensive at times. nevertheless, it still is “answering” the tag. i’ll simply follow suit.

1. i blog because i got addicted with sharing my ideas. i blogged when friendster started with their blog thingy. basically to express what i think are important to me and yet i wanted to share these ideas. then i joined forums to share my POVs. but then my opinions and posts (often) became so long (and irritating i reckon) that i started to sound preachy. that wasn’t good. i was eventually reared out of friendster and forums by a friend. and that (errr… she) got me started on this blog.

2. i blog because i enjoy the freedom and control. freedom to express myself and not be frowned upon (directly) and have control over what happens in my little world in cyberspace.

3. i blog because i want to help. not with this blog though. perhaps i help others kill time when they read my blog. i keep another blog about my computer problems and some solutions that i encounter. not that many hits and posts of course. but i do hope i have convinced or helped others in one way or another.

4. i blog because i read blogs. i may agree or not but you learn to respect people with what they write and they express themselves properly, continuously, without interruption like what you get with debates. you learn, whether you like it or not, when you read. you read another person’s opinion and you’re influenced by it. you read a funny post and you laugh and enjoy it and would probably want to share it. you meet a lot of people when you read blogs and learn about them through their blogs. you create networks and they learn about you too when they read your blog. it’s a nice experience.

5. i blog because i have friends who blog and made friends through blogs. if i were to stop blogging, i think that would just be the same as moving to another country. my blog is my little home on the net. friends know where i am through this blog. they know who ‘lives’ in the blog. and i don’t think i could afford to lose friends.

yeah, i know i don’t write well. i don’t have coherence. i usually don’t make sense at all (to others). i post nonsense most of the time. i just want to share, that’s all, really.

call center training: rosas pandan

ever hoped to get that “Emeeerican Eceeent”? call centers train their employees to get rid of their Filipino accents by ‘Americanizing’ the words that they know in Filipino (Tagalog, Bisaya, etc.) this, i discovered, was their training video…

and this one…

if you sounded like this last video, then you still have that Filipino Accent stuck. Good luck!!!

hahaha… kaaliw diba? pino-promote ko na din pala ang UPSA [UP Singing Ambassadors] (mae, badang, yung porsyento ko sa mga gig niyo. or pwede ding libreng tickets na lang. hehehe).

Rosas Pandan

Ania si Rosas Pandan
Gikan pa intawon sa kabukiran
Kaninyo makiguban-uban
Sa gisaulog nga kalingawan

Balitaw day akong puhunan
Maoy kabilin sa akong ginikanan
Awit nga labing kara-an
Nga garbo ning atong kabungturan

Dika ding dika ding dika ding
Ayay sa atong balitaw
Manindot pa ug sayaw
Daw yamog ang kabugnaw

Dika dong dika dong dika dong
Ayay usab si Dodong
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway

Ayayay ayayay ayayay
Aya-ay sa akong balitaw
Kanindot ba mosayaw
Daw yamog ang kabugnaw

Tigadong tigadong tigadong
Ayay usab si Dodong
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway

Balitaw day akong puhunan
Maoy kabilin sa akong ginikanan
Awit nga labing kara-an
Nga garbo ning atong kabungturan

Ayayay ayayay ayayay
Aya-ay sa akong balitaw
Kanindot ba mosayaw
Daw yamog ang kabugnaw

Tigadong tigadong tigadong
Ayay usab si Dodong
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway

Ayayay ayayay ayayay
Aya-ay sa akong balitaw
Kanindot ba mosayaw
Daw yamog ang kabugnaw

Tigadong tigadong tigadong
Ayay usab si Dodong
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway

i just killed a 12-year-old kid. i’m guilty and i’m sorry.

di man ako nakahingi ng persmiso, ipo-post ko ‘to. para sa isang musmos na nakadama ng hirap ng panahon.

LALA ¬†FANAGEL* nov10’07

(nabuo ang tulang ¬†ito sa misa sa isang kapilya sa huling pagsilay sa labi ni Mariannet ‚Äď 12 taong gulang na babae –¬† habang nagluluksa ang pamilya at nayanig ang buong bayan sa kanyang ¬†paglisan. past 2pm, Ma-a, Davao City)

Ika’y nakahimlay ¬†sa masikip na tahanan
Nakahiga sa  mabangis na lipunan at may palamuting kulambo na sinisilayan

Maraming tanong,  mula sa munting musmus mong pangarap
Walang nakapansin,  walang nakakita
Sa mga katulad  mong naghihirap
Malimit pang  inaalipusta ng lipunang pinaghaharian ng mga hangal sa yaman

Ngunit, ang ‘yong ¬†paglisan
Parang isang  malakas na bagyong humahawi sa kabulukan ng lipunan mong kinagisnan

Ang ‘yong paglisan ¬†ay dinagsa ng maraming madla
Ano ang bilin? Ano ¬†ang ‘yong mensahe?
Kahirapan?  Kinabukasan ng ibang kabataan?

Bigla kang  nakilala ng buong sanlibutan, mula sa liblib mong tirahan
Walang ilaw,  walang kuryente, walang tubig, walang trabaho, walang pambaon sa eskwela
Hindi pinapansin  ng mga kalarong bata dahil daw ikaw ay madungis

Kailangan pa bang ¬†ibalita ng buong media ang ‘yong kahihinatnan?
Upang marinig at  mapansin ng mga naghaharian sa lipunang talamak sa kahirapan?
Yaong ang buong  bayan ay lugmok
Sa dahilan ng ¬†‘yong kamatayan‚Ķ

Sabi ng mga  nag-sasantohan, hindi ka karapat-dapat sa malaking simbahan ng mayayaman
Dahil hindi ¬†tanggap ang paraan ng ‘yong paglisan
Kagaya ni Judas ¬†ang ‘yong kapalaran

Ngunit bakit  pinag-pi-pyestahan
Kahit hindi mo ¬†ka-anu-anu ay pumunta sa ‘yong burol
Di kaya si Judas ¬†sa ‘yong kapanahunan ay nagsasabi ng totoo‚Ķ
Iba’t-ibang mukha, ¬†sumisilip sa musmus mong anyo
Sa ataol  naghihimlay pinagmamasdan ng sambayanan at kapwa kabataan

Hindi ordinaryo sa  mga katulad mo ang nakikita ko
Ang lakas ng  mensahe na napaabot mo sa sangkatauhan
Sa ‘yong ¬†kamusmusan, natinag ng munti mong pangarap ang kabulukan ng lipunan

Ayokong tingnan  ang mukha mong walang muwang
Sa ‘yong ¬†kabayanihan, nayanig ang buong daigdig
Ayokong tingnan  ang nakahimlay mong kamusmusan
Gusto kong ¬†panatilihin ang alaala ng ‘yong musmus na kaisipan
Mensahe para sa  buong bayan

Isang Mapulang  paglalakbay… Mannette
Baunin mo ang  aming  panata sa patuloy na pagkilos
Bitbit ang musmus  mong pangarap
Sa pakikibaka ng  sambayanang api
Hindi ka  malilimutan
Kasabay ng paglaya ¬†ng buong sambayanan ang lunas sa dahilan ng ‘yong paglisan.
*Lala Fanagel – Program Officer, KABIBA Alliance for ¬†Children’s Concerns, Davao City

nakakapanghina, nakakapanlumo. i also blame myself for her death. because i tolerate what is happening in this country. LAHAT TAYO, may kasalanan. WE JUST KILLED A 12-YEAR-OLD KID.

gusto kong mangaliwa

yes, i just fell in love again. and it’s not with A. although it’s another A, hindi si current A. kasalanan na naman ito ng panonood ng kung ano-ano.

amy2i recall in high school na dun ko napansin si G. she was my HS crush. it happened after watching their version of Miss Saigon in English II class. ewan ko ba. i think i have this thing with ‘cuteness’. haaay… pero ayun nga, nung nanood naman ako ng mga hiniram na DVD kay franz, my officemate, saka ko naman ngayon gustong taluhin si Amy Smart.

kasalanan ko bang ma-in love sa mukhang ‘to?!


the batmobile part 1

with my current obsession for car logos and anything mostly car-related, i’ve come to the conclusion that this is my way of letting out my frustration of not having a car to drive. at first i just dreamed of riding bikes since it’s more economical, healthy, and environment friendly.

and then two years ago i got my student driver permit. and eventually ended up having my non-professional driver’s license. and a whole lot has changed since then. specially when i was allowed to drive alone, by myself, going around the streets then go to the mall and come back home. aaaaahhhh… te freedom of driving!

now i dream of owning my own car. and sa ngayon, napupusuan ko na ang Hyundai Getz. i don’t know if it’s the best car. frankly, i don’t care… i just like it. i feel like i fell in love with it already — the way it looks and the image that it has formed in my mind. it would be my ideal car. it would be MY car.

but what would be my real dream car? i guess i answered that already in a previous post. now it’s going to be about my dream fantasy car. and no other car has ever caught my fancy as great as the Batmobile!

the batmobile has evolved throughout the decades. but i would like to consider first the ‘original’ or classic 1966 batman batmobile. through google, i’ve found this history about it… that it was originally a concept car — a car not meant for production. It was the Ford 1955 Lincoln Futura.

batmobile history

The Futura was designed by Bill Schmidt after his encounter with a shark during a scuba-diving trip to the oceans. He visibly influenced the car to look more of a marine animal rather than a flying mammal — with fins and its large, flat front grille and hooded headlamps.

too bad the conservative people of the 60s could not appreciate the beauty of this new concept car. it was too harsh, rash and really unpleasantly intimidating. and so, the poor thing was disowned and handed over to George Barris. whether he had foresight of the car or not, he gladly accepted it since he was soon commissioned to create the batmobile for ABC’s Batman series. “But because the show was about to go into production, he had only three weeks to build it. He quickly realized it didn’t take much work to modify the Futura for the part. While retaining the chassis and the basic shape of the car, Barris overhauled the nose and tail with numerous bat like shapes and references. Barris in ’66 would assemble 3 more Batmobiles using bodies based on the prototype mold and built on a production car chassis.”

dabatmobileand the legend was born. this is the most familiar batmobile to everyone i know. my mum and dad would definitely quickly identify it and be in much awe seeing it. imagine pulling out of your garage and, for everyone to see, you drive out with batman’s batmobile. just like these folks:


post for monday on a tuesday

sori ngayon ko lang mapo-post ito. kasi kagabing bangag ako saka ko lang na-type ito.

enrollment na naman. at wala na namang kuwenta tong mga ginagawa ko. it always has to start on mondays.

una, this morning, i was so depressed and lonely. feeling ko eh lagi na lang akong nag-iisa (pasintabi kay Gary Granada). ever get that feeling that you’re a lost puppy wanting someone — anyone in fact — to take notice and care for you even for just a little while? yung naghahanap ka ng attention pero you don’t go around biting and hiding your amo’s tsinelas or anything. you just sit there patiently waiting for someone to take notice. and man is that depressing.

depressionanother note on depression: masarap may kasama. when i came to the office this morning, there was a bit of a drizzle. dahil yan kay Kabayan. ako itong si timang (pasintabi ulit, kay Tim Ang naman) at kadramahan forever, nag-feeling nasa pelikula nila ni john lloyd at bea alonzo, naglakad (the pasyal-pasyal sa luneta park on a sunny day type of lakad) at nagdadrama habang papunta sa opisina. natural, basa ako. si kuya philip na din nagsabi na “magkakasakit ka niyan!” ang sagot ko, “OK lang!” pero sa loob ko eh mega emo ako. “i’m depressed so piss off!”

but then natuwa na ako nung dumating na ako sa opisina. pinatila ko lang saglit ang ulan pagkatapos eh tumawid na ako sa kitchen este conference room sa kabilang building. my officemates were just having their lunch at 1pm. tinanong ko nga baka nag Daylight Saving Time na ang Pilipinas nang di ko nalalaman kaya ganun. apparently there was a private fashion show (may mga damit na sinukat kaya na-delay ang lunch). but there was company (coffee to be exact) and people.

perk-me-up ko yata talaga ang brewed coffee at tsokolate. kahit paano eh natuwa ako. may mga taong kasundo ko ang nakakaintindi sa akin sa paligid ko. tumatawa pag tumatawa ako. at nagpapangiti saken kahit ganito ang pakiramdam ko mula kaninang umaga.

kahit si A eh inaaway ko sa depression ko. like it’s her fault. i AM blaming her partially. may hinahanap ako eh pero walang nangyari. di rin maibigay kaya ayun. but i’m OK now and that makes all the difference. di nako irritable. di na ako (gaanong) depressed. mas madali na akong kausapin. i guess she felt relieved na din since all is almost back to normal. then again, kelan pa ba ako naging normal?