clouds 1

i did a series on cars and car logos. then last weekend, i looked up and saw a pretty sight which we usually ignore because they have always been there. they aren’t really surprising to see.


yep, we see them everyday, sometimes scattered, sometimes fluffy, sometimes dark and sometimes they aren’t there and all you see is blue sky. but last weekend, i looked up and saw such a pretty “show” of clouds. perhaps this should just be some passing documentation of the types of clouds i can identify. 🙂

anyway, here are pictures of altocumulus clouds. when you see these, it means you shouldn’t forget to bring your umbrella because rain might come later in the day. since i lived nearby, i needn’t bring an umbrella. i just had more cloud-watching thoughts and adventures in the future in mind.

as if you haven’t heard of it: Chef Tatung’s

di naman talaga ako mahilig kumain. mahilig lang dumikit ang pagkain saken kaya ako lumalaki ng ganito. (excuses, excuses…:P) ganun pa man, medyo practical pa din naman ako pagdating sa pagkain. lalo na ngayong gipit dahil wala pa din kaming raise for the 3rd straight year. (nagpaparinig na lang ako sa universe. baka sakaling nakikinig siya, di gaya ng mga boss namen.) but i couldn’t let this chance of eating at a private dining place pass.

strawberry shake at chef tatung's

ginawa na yata naming bonding sa office ang pagkain. pag may birthday, despedida, meeting, break, graduation, o kahit nawalan lang ng kabag kagabi, may pagkain. pero napag-isip-isip namin na we needed a change of environment. so kesa naman mag-resign kami ng sabay-sabay, we thought of joining Old Manila Walks’ Big Binondo Food Wok one Saturday. kapagod pero sobrang busog. we went around Chinatown with Ivan Man Dy guiding us throughout the streets. parang gusto ko nga magpa-autograph noon kasi nakita ko siya kasama si Anthony Bourdain sa isang episode ng “No Reservations” e! hehe…

Magpatuloy magbasa as if you haven’t heard of it: Chef Tatung’s

may isang ‘kano, hapon, at pinoy…

that’s how we usually start off those pinoy vs. other countries jokes. mapa-green or just plain funny jokes, madami tayong jokes na ganito. and in the end, pinoy ang nananalo.

but in reality, this is not the case — this time around, the japanese have come out winners. something our parish priest revealed to us last Sunday.

with hurricane Katrina, looting was the ‘natural’ thing for people to do because it was all about survival, your family, your kids, your wife, your mother. when Typhoon Ondoy came to the Philippines, we first saw the heroism of the Filipino… i felt a certain level of pride hearing the news about a boy who came back to save lives until he was too tired to save himself, and a judge who owned a jetski, who could just sit comfortably at home and listen to the news, but went out, drove out and rescued people affected by the flood. i think i even posted a good idea for a shirt that i saw online. (it eventually did :))

but the Filipino failed afterwards. people in evacuation centers, as soon as the relief trucks came, would literally attack it ferociously because they fear that they would not have some left for their families. “baka malamangan pa ng iba.” that’s the sad mentality about the Pinoy “hero.”

and here comes Japan. a country that hit the jackpot; it got a 1-2-3 punch in disasters and yet what shone the most was their discipline and their sense of community. people lined up in the train station. people waited in line inside the supermarkets, picked up fallen objects after the quake. yes, there could have been looting but it wasn’t the first thing on people’s minds. how can a society be so disciplined in the face of disaster?

hay, sayang. we started good with Ondoy. i hope that when we pit ourselves against these two countries again, we’ll come out victorious. and that’s not a joke.

st. joseph: service in obscurity

another reflective post. probably because i’m all set for the lent. 😛

my boss gave a short homily yesterday since we were observing st. joseph’s feast day (it should be today, 19 March but most of us in the office don’t come in on saturday), st. joseph being our patron saint. oh yeah, my boss happens to be a Jesuit priest. 😉

well, the homily was short enough but left me reflecting on stuff — that there are those who sow the seed and there are those who water the seed.

Magpatuloy magbasa st. joseph: service in obscurity

some thoughts today

on the more serious side of my time…

i would like to apologize to my FB friends for ‘spamming’ your walls. i went on autopilot yesterday posting anything and everything i could find on the net about the M8.9 Japan earthquake and the tsunami that followed. it took several minutes before it dawned on me that everyone was just doing the same thing. which brought me to the conclusion that facebook does give me some degree of arrogance and self-absorption. i used to be able to excuse myself because “i don’t post everything i do on FarmVille, unlike some people.” or something like that… until yesterday happened.

i had no authority. i had no ‘power’ or any of that sort of thing. what i posted didn’t matter because everyone was doing the same thing. we were sharing what is already known by most people. it’s like a dozen people standing in front of a house where one says “oh, a door!” and another one says, “a window over there!” and then they just switch lines but are saying the same thing… but to each person, it matters that we have to say out loud that “there’s a door over here!” even when people have already said it and people are seeing it and know for a fact that there IS a door!  (malabo ba? heheh)

second, initial reports are saying that hundreds could be dead in Japan after the quake. for a quake with that magnitude and a great tsunami right after but having such a low number of deaths is astonishing in my book. haiti lost hundreds of thousands to a quake that flattened the whole capital. yes i know, actual reports haven’t confirmed any number of deaths but it could be thousands. yet it still astonishes me how this country is so prepared for these types of disasters that they could minimize loss of life. i guess it boils down to their discipline, cooperation, and strict implementation of guidelines how structures should be built and what to do in any case these hazards occur. there is devastation but i feel that there is no ‘disaster’. it is tragic that there is loss of life but considering the circumstances, i can hardly believe how well-prepared, calm, and resilient the Japanese are. they knew what to do.

here’s a clip where you hear a loud siren, signalling a possible tsunami.

on the science side, though, this got me raring to go! 🙂 my cousin, warning me that i might do a Jacque Bermejo on facebook. it was some sort of inside joke since my workplace is concerned with such events — natural hazards — and that we, researchers in this field, were generally abnormal/weird because we’d be all excited when these things start! my group is excited when we feel an earthquake, my other colleagues’ group rejoices when there’s a typhoon! not because we are happy about the floods, heavy rain, potential landslide, devastation or loss of life but rather because of what we are able to observe during these times. it’s like those storm chasers in that old movie Twister or maybe when Jodie Foster heard anomalies in Contact. the unfortunate part in my field is that more often than not, a huge event leaves destruction and death.

so, today we are seeing more footage of what happened during the quake. i’m trying to control myself not to post anything “new” but still consider these things really fascinating. my only hope that if and when the same thing happens to us here in the beautiful Pearl of the Orient (knock on wood), i could be prepared as well. i could be helpful and useful.

what we need and don’t

it’s a lazy thursday afternoon and i’m bored. i know i should be working but i can’t help it… maybe it’s because i lack sleep. i NEED sleep…

funny how it turns out some of the most essential things don’t cost us anything. they ‘cost’ us something because we try to think that they deprive us of productivity and the money to go about our consumerist-driven lifestyle.

i found this list on HBR that enumerates 30 things we need and the opposites that we really don’t need. i’d have to agree on the super size meals (i’m getting plump) and sitting around part.

do you have anything in mind that we need more and need less of?

showing off

i never was a show-off of my own things. i like to keep things private… since childhood, i always thought showing-off was a sign of insecurity and pride at the same time. it was meant to look down on mere mortals because you are ‘greater’ than they are.

this time, i’m going to show-off something only because i am truly appreciative of what i have and who have conspired to give it to me. 🙂

Magpatuloy magbasa showing off

6 months too late. waaaah!

i never got to learn how to navigate flickr ever since i put my photos in it. besides, i also have a photobucket account where i put most of my forum-related pictures. so i never thought of flickr or any photo-hosting site as a tool to promote my ‘photography’. i don’t even have a really nice camera!

anyway, apparently i got a comment… actually i got a request for permission to use one of my photos! and it was meant to be used for a contest that could win for a public school in our town educational material and livelihood for the community around the school. major help for the less fortunate in my beloved town, Sto. Tomas, Pampanga!

BUT… i got the comment 6 months ago on flickr! 😦 waaaaah!

oh well, i guess it wasn’t meant for me. i would’ve said “yes”. it was for a good cause anyway. *sigh* sayang… my chance at a moment of fame gone. 😛 ahahaha…