i want to be an amateur

not a professional. just an amateur…

i often equate being an amateur to being a novice. but i realize that it is a misunderstanding of the word “amateur”. last saturday, i found out (and realized) that amateur is derived from French which pertains to a person who is a “lover of” something. whereas a novice is just a noob.

what am i a ‘lover of’ nowadays? food. yes. but that’s not it… i’m actually not yet a lover of it, just interested in being an amateur. i want to be an amateur radio operator. notice i put “being a ham” in my 100 Dreams list. now, i already took the first step. i attended the PARA Orientation Seminar for Amateur Radio at NTC, a requirement for an amateur radio license.

my certificate of attendance and handbook

what for? aside from the potential use in emergencies and disasters (a.k.a. prepping), it’s something i just wanted to learn about. it’s an interest that could probably easily become a new hobby. but we’ll see… right now, i’m still waiting for the November 27 examinations. I’m not sure how I’ll pass but i really want to get licensed just so everything’s legal.

ever wanted to become a radio amateur?

on the hunt for TMR book 3

really? ubos na talaga?

yan na lang laging reaction ko kapag nagtatanong ako sa bookstores. “wala na po. ubos na.”

grabe naman tong libro ko… :P

i say “libro ko” because i’m one of the entry-senders whose name got published in the book! i made it to book 1 but not book 2. nanlalamig lang. pero i made it through book 3! how did i know without a copy? @homersweethome posted a page with his name on it and it just so happened my codename was there too! :)

oha oha! :)

so, the hunt continues. sana magkaroon na ulit ng stocks sa bookstores. :)

na-isip ko lang to habang naliligo at dahil nagpagupit ako nung sunday.

you use x amount of shampoo for your l-length hair. as l++, x++.

when will cost(x) >= cost(haircut)?

maybe i could use this to determine when should i get a haircut…

100 Dreams

This is just an exercise. This will probably all be about material things. I won’t write down things like, “happiness, good health, love”. we all know we wish and dream of those things. and these will be more ‘selfish’ wishes. some might seem selfless but i’m doing them primarily because i want to and because i can (in this dream list). :)

This list does not come in any particular order but i will start from 100.

100. own a bicycle store in my hometown
99. setup an old Manila themed restaurant
98. bike my way to Ilocos Norte
97. shake hands with the Pope
96. tour Rome and Vatican City
95. live in Europe for a year
94. live in Japan for a year
93. fly first class
92. settle in a mansion
91. own a farm
90. manage an events place/venue (similar to Blue Leaf or Fernwood Gardens)
89. meet all my blogger friends in person :D
88. reforest a mountain in Porac
87. host an event
86. donate a library to a public school
85. pay off a stranger’s medical bills
84. get a credit limit big enough to buy a car
83. earn a Class A Ham radio license
82. convert a block of houses into a park
81. revive artisanship
80. build a clock tower for the community
79. organize a Chess Tournament
78. have TLM offered in my parish
77. own a handmade violin
76. run a cafe bakeshop in Manila
75. save an old building from demolition
74. turn the train station ruins into a museum-cafe
73. learn to speak Latin
72. learn Japanese
71. experience snow
70. lose 50 pounds. yes, 1 human worth of weight. :P
69. build a treehouse
68. make a food vlog channel on YouTube
67. land in all airports of the Philippines
66. visit all major SEA cities
65. build apartments for rent
64. own 5 vans for rent
63. go on a month-long vacation annually
62. go on a retreat alone.
61. be pilgrims in Jerusalem
60. visit friends in other countries
59. let the wife experience “shop-til-you-drop” with me as assistant
58. go off-roading
57. own a Subaru for myself
56. drive an XC90 for the family
55. learn to troubleshooot/fix a car
54. actually learn how to bake bread
53. make a mean Paella/Bringhe my forefathers would be proud of
52. “adopt” a seminarian to become a priest
51. buy a car in cash.
50. find a geocache outside the Philippines
49. build a state-of-the-art recording/TV studio
48. get a gold play button from YouTube
47. photobook of my own
46. find my bestfriend a husband. (Challenge: Accepted!)
45. organize a party for the College barkada
44. bring siblings to somewhere they’ve never been
43. give the in-laws an island getaway/cruise vacation
42. get family portrait taken annually
41. give neighbors Christmas packages/giveaways
40. start a New Year tradition
39. accomplish at least 1 New Year’s resolution every year
38. learn Morse Code
37. build a telescope
36. be a resource speaker in a conference/on TV
35. an exhibit of pictures i’ve taken
34. skydive
33. be driven in a limousine
32. party like a college student again
31. have a 70% solar-powered home
30. buy an island.
29. tour historical sites in the Philippines
28. disconnect from everything internet every weekend.
27. cook for a fiesta
26. have an article published in the broadsheets
25. own a katana
24. attend an anime/comic convention
23. ride a Batmobile. Any Batmobile.
22. hike up a mountain
21. make like Susan Calo-Medina in TravelTime.
20. finish the Suzuki Method
19. visit tombs of saints
18. be friends with a Nobel Prize winner
17. fly to space… or at least the edge of space.
16. read the Summa
15. a watch collection
14. own a really comfortable bed
13. get LASIK done
12. come to work in my high school uniform
11. learn to handle money well/not be afraid of money and spend it all
10. save a person’s life
9. rebuild an engine
8. learn to ride a big bike
7. own a family crest
6. establish a family heirloom
5. have a building named after me
4. fire a gun (or own one)
3. a trust fund for my children
2. ride a horse
1. a large garden for my grave. or maybe a tree where i am buried.

i know. the last one’s morbid. but hey, i don’t want to just wither and die like that. also, it could be a reminder that in this life, i am still existing and alive in another. :)

DuterteSerye ends: No is No. Period. No erase.

after monitoring “Duterte” tweets on twitter for some time, ambilis mag-bago ng mga tao. 1 hour ago, everyone was hopeful.

now, lahat ng umaasa, nagrereklamo.

“masyadong pabebe”
“nakaka-wala ng gana”
“make up your mind!”
“pinapa-asa mo lang kami”
“walang kredibilidad”

ayan tayo eh.

no wonder hindi siya tatakbo.

Thing to do: Visit Richard Heck’s grave

Richard Heck 1931-2015 image from nobelprize.org

I dunno. I just feel like I need to visit his grave. Pray for him. Say sorry. I feel like I should apologize or something. Man, a Nobel Prize winner, rejected admission to a hospital because of unpaid bills! There is something seriously wrong there.

as a (pretend) scientist (i honestly don’t consider myself one yet. maybe not ever.), i feel disturbed that i might be like him in the future. he, despite having made such a great discovery, grew old poor and alone. and then there’s myself — a trying-hard nobody in science.

Rest In Peace good sir. Rest well.

Mother’s Milk by Traditional Medicinals from BabyMama.ph


even before i became a dad, i’ve always believed in breastfeeding. (the baby, not the dad. #PervAlert!) i believe that it’s one of God’s most genius designs of nature, and one that cannot, unfortunately, be shared by a father with his child. nevertheless, i could still be a good supportive husband can’t I?

so when the breast pump’s valves got damaged, A noticed a decline in milk production. we immediately ordered replacement valves from BabyMama.ph and it just cost 500. sayang naman ang shipping kung yun lang. i thought i’d add some other stuff that could help bring the milk supply back up. mahal ang formula milk no!

good thing BabyMama.ph had these organic Mother’s Milk tea to help lactating mothers. A’s been seeing good feedback from Breast Feeding Pinays facebook and thought we’d give them a try. i bought two boxes, one for the office and one for the house. each box contains 16 tea bags.

of course, i can’t review this product directly. though i could comment on the taste once we open them. :D

ordering was a breeze, paying via PayPal. delivery was really prompt and hassle free. they had the option to leave special instructions so i told them to leave the items with our guard on-duty (something i wish other online shopping sites could do instead of having me rush to the office to receive the items in person. a bit of hassle. secure but a hassle.) and they did. that was pretty convenient.

thank you BabyMama.ph!