you are three

you are three
and so are we
you, mommy, and me

you will forget the stuff we do today
but i hope you are learning
inside that little brain

that happiness is not found in toys
or presents or cakes
but in life’s simple joys

a walk in the afternoon,
a dash to the market
a bike around the corner
a silly face
a tight hug
a big kiss

happy birthday!


both a country boy and a city boy

“oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
don’t fence me in.”

kasalanan ni bud brown ‘to eh. who is he? what am i talking about?


while the conveniences that the modern, urban jungle offers are really nice (first class health care, malls, high-speed internet), i still long for “land, lots of land” as the song says. open spaces are the things that i mostly crave now. it’s what i miss about living in the countryside.

but i can have that too here in the city… if only i were a few million pesos richer. LOL!

we live near McKinley Hill and Bonifacio Global City — uber expensive places to live in. but really well-planned urban spaces — and i just love it there. you can stroll into a mall, a few steps away, there’s a linear park to run or relax. a few minutes drive and you’re at a european-inspired enclave where there’s a plaza to feed pigeons and a man-made river to ride a gondola. and the houses aren’t jammed together like a stack of boxes in a delivery van.

so we make the most of it. well, i’d like to, specially on weekends. drive there, enjoy a little bit of breathing space, take time to be ‘free’.

but i still want lots of land. 😀 hehehe

before there was ‘Titibo tibo’…

there was “babadapbadap”

and it’s by Gary Granada!

well, the songs are very different in their messages. babadapbadap is a humorous political commentary of sorts in a song. the other one is that of romantic love. still, both songs are quite enjoyable to listen to.

and here’s my favorite choir rendition of the song!

some more ‘rigid’ religious people might be offended but i just enjoyed this one…

Motolite Express Hatid is sooo convenient!

Been away for a while. Waaaaay a while. But this time, it’s a bit more intentional… We were away for a holiday in Hong kong (again. teehee) for the little one. Oh how his eyes lit up when he saw Woody, Mickey Mouse… I digress. But we were definitely away from the house and left Percy to guard the house. :p

After a little over a week, we had to go back to the salt mines. So we dragged ourselves out of bed, prepared everything for work and went to the garage. Unlocked the car and opened the door. And I just went “uh-oh” when I saw the dim cabin lights.

I sat in the driver’s seat and turned the ignition… Nothing. Leaving percy for over a week discharged the battery.

I’ve actually expected this since the car battery has been tested before and it was getting poorer at retaining charge. I thought that maybe since I was driving it daily, it somehow extended the life a bit… The battery got recharged in the morning and in the evening as I drove to and from work. (Again, sorry. More sidebars!)

No choice. We had to commute today. And since we spent extra on a different flight (we missed our flight back to Manila. Another story/post), di afford ang magpalit ng baterya. I even debated the thought of buying a battery charger which was cheaper but wasn’t any guarantee it’ll charge the battery. So we decided replace the battery since it was 3.5 years old already anyway. We just had to wait for the cutoff date of the credit card para sa sunod pa yung payment. (Taghirap talaga).

And dahil dead batt talaga na di na madadala sa casa or battery shop ang kotse, I tried the Motolite hotline for the Express Hatid service. I just described the car make and model and the already had battery recommendations for the car. You could also do your own reasearch on battery size and capacity but having the recommended batteries makes things easier. I could have opted for the Enduro product line at a cheaper price but since the stock battery was Gold, I decided to stick to it, considering the good performance we got for a long time.

The CSR, after getting more details, told me to just wait for the delivery guy’s call for an estimated time of arrival. In about 30 minutes, the Motolite guy was at our door!

He tested the old battery and asked how old it was. He was really surprised when I told him it was the stock battery from the day we bought it. “Swerte!” he commented. After a quick swap, he asked me to turn on everything and crank up the engine just to check the battery and alternator. When everything was good, he got his Credit Card terminal out and we swiped my card for P5,410.00 How convenient! Granted the relatively steeper price, I think the convenience of having the battery delivered, installed where you are and having other payment options other than cash is enough.


moving soon?

“how would you like to move to New Zealand?”

well that raised my eyebrows over my head last night. and my eyes went from slits to the size of a dinner plate. but i kept my cool.

actually, i wasn’t surprised by this. i guess it’s always been at the back of my mind. it wasn’t a question of would i like to move or not. it was just a matter of time.

since graduating and passing the board exams, it was a traditional route to work in the middle east where there is a construction boom where my profession was most needed. i didn’t apply anywhere. i thought i was meant to work here.

a few years later, i have my own job. i see my old college batchmates posting on friendster (because facebook wasn’t a big thing yet) with the newest and shiniest gadgets and DSLRs. i was pretty #inggitmuch that time. i started to question my ‘loyalty’ to the country but i guess i was still pretty happy where i was.

i said to myself, “you must learn to simplify.”

another few years come, i see some batchmates renouncing their filipino citizenship for another. which made me question, again, that if it ever came to that, would i do the same thing?

i said to myself, “let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”

and so, last night, this was presented to me. there are no concrete plans except for A to apply and pass her resume. as for me, i have no assurance of a job when we move. the best i could think of was to farm or shepherd sheep!

so, it’s going to be a waiting game. the question to ask, perhaps, is “how soon is ‘soon’?”

tinuklaw ng cobra

was walking to the office today dahil coding ako at kinailangang mag-commute. i felt the sluggishness of my movements and i thought, “grabe, ito talaga nagagawa ng pagmamaneho at upo lang sa opisina araw-araw. lahat na lang kinatatamaran. lahat ng galaw parang struggle.”

dati naman kasi nung araw-araw akong nakikipaglaban sa Sparta este nagko-commute at sumasakay ng LRT at MRT, kahit naman papaano ay di ko ramdam na hinang-hina ako.

then i thought, teka, di naman din ako ganoon even when i started driving. i still managed to be alert kahit papaano.

then i remembered that since i got up this morning, i haven’t had my coffee. ayun pala! haha!

i passed by a coffee vending machine and stared at it for a little while. para bang hinahamon ko ng duwelo. *cue theme of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly* because once i tried to get coffee from that same vending machine and it just ate my money and dispensed nothing.

so i went to the coop store instead and got this:

yep. Cobra energy drink. i’m no fan of energy drinks kasi una: lasang gamot. pangalawa: kulay wiwi. pangatlo: antamiiiiiiis! but i thought subukan ko lang ulit kung magugustuhan ko. and maybe tingnan ano epekto niya sa akin… this new (to me) variant is “plus smart” dahil may ginkgo biloba na supposedly ay nakakapagbigay ng “mental boost”… whatever that means.

so as i write this blog, i’m gulping it down. masarap lang siya sa simula. dahil malamig na malamig siya. but the afterstaste is just how i remember energy drinks. see three points above. uulitin ko pa ba? maybe after a few months na. i’ll stick to Kopiko 78 when i forget to have my morning coffee at home. 😛

next obsession: lighthouses

there is just so much stuff to see in the philippines that you just don’t know where to start. and conversely, you can probably choose a ‘theme’ for your trips and you’ll definitely go around the country a lot! want beaches? water falls? mountains? caves? you’ll see them all here.

but what interests me more recently are lighthouses!

it’s a ‘niche market’ so-to-speak. and probably requires more paperwork to get into/visit, specially in more built-up areas such as Subic where there’s security concern. but most of the time, in my experience, light houses in the country are easy to get into.

my first (and only?) light house was in balicasag island, showing the old and new light houses. wish we could’ve gotten inside though and perhaps a more thorough history of the lighthouse, or even details on how they were built. one was very modern while the other showed traditional construction techniques for high buildings. and it really made me wonder how it was when it was fully operational — how employees would stay and pass the time, or should distress signals come in, how would they have responded.

anyway, perhaps that’ll be my ‘travel goal’ for the coming future: more lighthouses and more research on them. 🙂