it was something i used to religiously do everyday in high school. before going to bed, i’d jot down what happened to me that day. sometimes, i didn’t even write about events. i’d just jot down a quote i thought was so profound. (yeah, i believed in myself so much those times. ah yes, youth!)

i think it did somehow help me mentally. i put down my thoughts and it would leave my mind. it wouldn’t ferment in my head anymore, giving me more room for other things.

and now i do it at work because 1. i want to record what i accomplished that day, making me accountable for my action (or inaction); and 2. it helps me see progress (if any) with what i actually need to do.

i just hope i can keep it up.

cleaning up

ok, i’ll admit it. i’ve been slacking off while at home. i’ve somehow convinced myself that work isn’t actually worth doing because family is important-er. it’s the lie i’ve been telling myself that because i’m doing a lot for the family, i deserve the break in the afternoon and let everything slide.

well, work just caught-up. i had the dilemma while i was waiting for a UVeXpress van on the way home. (I knew I shouldn’t have gone online to check traffic!)

seeing the email, i was sick to my stomach and the ride going home only made it worse. i was nauseated and it was the time i wished i had candy in my bag to help me. (Stork and Cool Bear menthol candies!!! every gradeschool kid who’s ever been on a field trip know these are essential!!!)

Magpatuloy magbasa cleaning up

missed call from 09481100001?

i think we all hate these telemarketers bugging us about new promos. and sometimes, because of the times we live in, it’s difficult to trust random calls from numbers we don’t know.

i’ve recently had a lot of missed calls from this number: 09481100001 but today i had the chance to answer it. it was regarding my retention line from Smart. i talked to the other person on the line and the call was pretty professional. after putting the phone down, i started to doubt whether i did the right thing…

off to twitter i go to look for anyone who could’ve received a call from the same number. thank goodness, i found this:

so, it seems legit! whew!

My dream ‘dumb phone’

Been thinking about disconnecting again after having all these feelings of stress and overwhelmed by this election. At the same time, FOMO is real! Well, perhaps not in my friends’ day-to-day activities but with the current way we communicate.

A long time ago, texting was king. And limited to 120 characters within 3 lines of LCD, we got creative. We developed shortcuts to fit more words. ‘see you’ became ‘c u’. ‘your/you’re’ became ‘ur’. ‘late’ is ‘l8’ and so on. We even made ‘animated’ text messages!

Magpatuloy magbasa My dream ‘dumb phone’

only love

wrote this as an ‘assignment’ from work, honoring my former boss’ memory. i don’t know if it’s a good one or whatever. i only add this to my blog to remember him.

People who arrive early enough at MO are very fortunate to experience the calm of early mornings — the rustling of leaves from the gentle breeze of the cool air, the chirping of birds, and then perhaps a Mozart Concerto playing in the distance tying it together. It could also only mean one thing: Fr. Su has arrived and is busy at work in his office.

This was one of the constants in my office life – being exposed to great Classical music every day because of him. He always had his radio tuned-in to 98.7 DZFE, never to any other radio station. When he’d give his radio a rest, he would play some more Classical CDs on his office computer while he was thinking, coding in FORTRAN, or taking a break.
There was, however, a period of time that whenever we’d talk to him in the afternoons, he had this little personal TV unashamedly on GMA7, while the soap Daisy Siyete was airing. We didn’t dare ask him why
it’s on. He didn’t turn it off when we talked to him, just lowered the volume.

And when we did talk to him, he always showed how sharp his mind stayed, how strong he remained despite his age. I think everyone at MO has speculated what gave him his strength through the years. We’ve all had our hypotheses:

We thought it was the brandy. It was always fun to find a surprise empty bottle of Emperador inside the second-floor bathroom trashcan.

We also thought it was Jollibee that kept him going. He’d eat there almost religiously every day. He was so familiar to the staff at Jollibee Katipunan that one time I chanced upon him and the guard and staff
already knew the routine. They let him sit, took his order, served it, and called a tricycle back to the office. It was a well-oiled machine he has programmed so well over the years.

We thought it was his weekend adventures off-campus. I remember as MO celebrated his 89th birthday, he had a game for us: he asked a male volunteer from each program/laboratory. The last 2 contenders had a face-off reciting the alphabet in reverse. The prize was a handheld sewing machine he bought off a street vendor in Sta. Cruz, he said. But the prize wouldn’t go to the winner, however. He had the winner choose a female co-worker to whom he would give the prize to. Here, he ‘dropped the mic’ on all of us.

“You (the winner) are to be like St. Joseph. All that you do and have, as a faithful spouse, you must offer to Mary.”

Perhaps that is what truly sustains him. His love and dedication for MO, offering up his daily sacrifice, until his mission is accomplished. He showed us how to give and keep on giving despite obstacles. It was
love, after all. Only love.

stepping back

wow, what a ride this 2022 election was!

and i think that, we have to admit it, Marcos won this. no amount of screaming and crying will negate that majority of Filipinos chose him to be the 17th President.

last election, we put so much faith in the surveys. now, only because they are not in our favor, we say they are a ‘mind conditioning tool’ for people not to vote for a losing candidate.

and then we have the senate front-runner: robin padilla. my safest comment on this would be “this is an example of how our democracy is working.” i wouldn’t say it is a healthy one, but it is working.

like the presidency, the requirements are basic: Filipino, of a certain age, and can read and write. this means ANYONE can vie for these electoral posts. my goat is this: if there is no one more qualified, robin padilla is as good a senator as anyone else. but he isn’t. \

do i want another “EDSA People Power?” in all honesty, i don’t know. there’s a battle in me saying ‘we have to mature and accept the democratic process’ while also saying ‘the democratic process does not work if we keep electing these kinds of people.’

HR ATM to everyone WFH

Natatawa talaga ako iniisip ko yung pintuan ng office namin, ito yung tumutugtog habang papasok ng office. LOL

after 2 years of being ‘stuck’ at home, most offices are now asking employees to come on-site. parang ito na nga ang katapusan ng pandemya. barring any resurgence in cases, i really do think this is back to ‘new normal’.

syempre, ayoko pa bumalik most specially i’ve experienced the quiet life (again) in the province. but what else can we do? hopefully we can still negotiate something with HR considering rising cost of… everything.

still, i don’t think marami pa nakaka-alala ng kantang ‘to. gosh i’m old.

babang luksa

hi doc gemma,

i know i’m a day late but i was reminded because of this song:

i actually don’t remember what made you ask me to download this song. i just remember that i did and it’s on one of my thumbdrives because i transferred it from my PC to yours at the ED’s office.

the song is of the romantic nature but overlooking that, it’s a moving-on song isn’t it? i guess it’s very appropriate for your anniversary up there. babang luksa. dapat kaming nandito ay ‘tuloy pa rin’ at ipagpapatuloy yung sinimulan niyo.

we miss you dearly, doc. watch over us from where you are.

finding solutions… hopelessly