a little freedom

two years cooped up. and you wonder why parents dare bring out their kids and elderly to see the world?

i’m not careless. i don’t have that devil-may-care attitude. i’d say i just make calculated risks while weighing the benefits.

last weekend, after finally having lifted age restrictions for people going out of their homes, we got to spend some time out and about together:

my dad wanted to treat us out but was cautious as to where. we ended up at the new McDonalds’ at Capital Town, primarily because it had wide open space for visitors. unfortunately, a bunch of other people had the same idea. it didn’t help that a nearby events place had a ‘Christmas village’ attraction and was walking-distance from McDonald’s. Hungry people flocked to it after having their eyes full from the sights.

we risked exposure as we shared a bench with another family and took our masks off while eating. but at the same time, we were taking calculated risks as all adults were vaccinated while the children played on the open grounds. we all had alcohol with us (not the drinking kind) and all of us, i assure you, took baths when we got home.

times are so different: you don’t just ask if the food is good at a place you wanna eat in. you have to think if it’s safe — open space? too crowded? are staff vaccinated? and it needs some getting used to.

life update: we’ve moved.

if i haven’t updated you yet, i’ve moved residence from makati to pampanga. been here for almost 3 months now. why? it’s everyone’s answer: because pandemic.

well, not exactly. partly due to it but mostly because the house has been infested with termites and leaks on the roof, it required us to move out before anything could be fixed.

so now, instead of waking up to this

I wake up to this:

good decision or bad, we’ll just have to wait and see…

parents are all the same

juice colored, ang luha, bumaha na naman! T_T

this has gone viral because we have the technology to record these moments and replay and share them so easily these days.

i remember when i took the board, too. after the exam days, i didn’t have the energy to do anything. anxiety was crippling me (like how it does right now but that’s for another time) and all i wanted to do was drown myself in the sights and sounds of Manila (and malls). I was practically hibernating for 2 days. My dad had to actually call me to ask if I was going home anytime soon. Probably worried what I would do if I was left alone. (Teka, ba’t ba napa-english na naman ako?)

Magpatuloy magbasa parents are all the same

wwyc (what would you choose?)

i like to process things and weigh out pros and cons before making decisions. but i recently found out (pandemic factoring in) that if i don’t write it down, it just clouds up my mind, mushes it all up in a blurry pool of little bits of ideas and i just lose track of it all… and end up getting depressed or stressed out about it.

and then i remember to just write them down on either Google Keep or some other app. and then forget about them as well.

then when i do remember them, i just need to look back at what i wrote.

but having to blog them, i think, makes for a better reminder as there might be some people who may have other thoughts — better thoughts on the matter than myself.


Magpatuloy magbasa wwyc (what would you choose?)

a little hopeful

i got vaccinated yesterday.

my vaccination card. i got CoronaVac.

it’s not the vaccine i wanted or hoped for but it’s available to me NOW. and i think that’s the important thing.

inggit man ako sa ibang kamag-anak at kakilala na Pfizer at AstraZeneca ang may-gawa ng vaccine, i can’t let that ruin my own chance at having a jab. they have the “better” vaccine? good for them! we should all be thankful that they took what vaccine was available to them.

as for me, CoronaVac was available on our scheduled vaccination. and when the LGU announced it, nobody walked out. and i could say i was proud that no one did. i guess they understood the current situation like i did: get vaccinated because you love your family.

i also get that some are apprehensive of the quality/efficacy of the Chinese vaccines. i understand it. and i guess they are one of the privileged ones who can wait for the other vaccines.

after my afternoon nap when i got home yesterday, there was something different. no, it wasn’t the effects of the vaccine (i heard the worse part comes after the second dose. *scared*). i found myself feeling a lot more hopeful — that if everyone on the street could get a vaccine, then perhaps THIS would be over sooner rather than later, even if there are new variants rising.

we’re no longer grasping in the dark anymore. there are ways forward. there are solutions thanks to people and science. we can beat this virus.

bpi otp is the new ayuda

alam mo yun? paasa lang. di mo alam kung dadating o hindi. so you’re just left there, hanging. until your online transaction has to time-out. grrrr…

and then i heard friends on other banks say theirs are uber delayed.

bakit nga kaya? i’d like to think it’s not the network’s fault. may signal naman sa bahay. most conversations now, i believe, happen online. there should be no congestion on SMS pathways. so, bakit delayed or di dumadating?

and then there’s RCBC. oh RCBC!!! they had the foresight to be able to reach you on the traditional network via SMS or the internet via Viber! YES, OTP via Viber!!! and it’s oh so convenient.

and the thing is, their OTPs via SMS do come a little delayed but never so late that your transaction cancels or reaches time-out. it’ll be in your Inbox in a minute.

so, why can’t BPI and other banks do this? i understand that it’s a security feature but it might be “too secure” that even legitimate transactions can’t push through because of delays (or a lot of times, never even getting any!).

Please, BPI et al. please fix this.

Praying for India

If anyone is feeling the brunt of this second wave of COVID cases, it’s India. Almost 300 THOUSAND cases per day! But what I’m curious about is how many Indians still believe in reincarnation and does that factor in with how you deal with illness and with this particular disease.

The way I look at it is that sick people look forward to reincarnation instead of treatment because everything around seems hopeless. If reincarnated in another time or being, all past memory is erased and you’ll continue blissfully ignorant of the complexities of your current life.

(Disclaimer: this is just off the top of my head from what I remember. Please correct me if I got it wrong)

That’s just something at the back of my head I wanted to spill here and perhaps get an answer should one chance upon it. 😬

duyan ka ng magiting

if General Luna were still alive, the president would have already gotten an ass-whoopin’ right now.

China is occupying and running after our people within our own EEZs! And the father of the nation, and his men, have turned a blind eye, even blaming journalists for putting themselves in such a situation. MYGAHD!!!

nakaka-init ng ulo. nakakapanghinayang. and i feel it weigh heavier now that my son is studying Civics (Araling Panlipunan) talking about nationalism. Para saan pa kung sinuko na tayo. We don’t want to offend china. Sino pa ba ang magkaka-lakas lumaban kung isinuko na tayo?

finding solutions… hopelessly