ham frustration

please note, despite being a foodie, seeing the word “ham” on this blog may mean two things: that cured meat we all love to eat during the Holiday season (and beyond), and then there’s my recent interest which is amateur radio.

well, here’s the thing: i think i may have chosen poorly in pursuing this ‘hobby’ for the following reasons:

  1. you need to dedicate time for it
  2. you need a pretty big pool of resources
  3. you probably need a lot of mentoring on it. or perhaps, you don’t go into it if you’re going solo.

these three things all mix together in my situation. i don’t have time at home because we don’t have anyone to do chores or look after our son so we do them when we get home and on weekends. i have time at work and during my commute to and from it but here’s where number 2 kicks in: to be able to reliably talk to other hams, you need good equipment. yes, chinese-made stuff are cheap but from my current experience, it’s best that you keep them just for emergencies.

besides the acquisition of equipment, another resource you need (if you’re serious about ham radio) is real estate: horizontally and vertically for your mast, cables, and antenna. living in small 50-square meter home in a densely-populated part of the city that has a mix of large apartment buildings and small houses isn’t helpful. specially if you’re one of the bungalow-type right beside a 6-storey building. *sigh*

since QSOs are hard to come by, even meet-ups for training because of reason #1, i don’t feel i’ve progressed despite having my license for almost 6 months now. maybe it doesn’t help that i’m an introvert as well. *deeper sigh*

i think this new hobby is a double-edged sword, so far, in my short-lived experience with it. it piqued my interest and yet generates this whole lot of frustration. i want to enjoy it but so far, it’s not happening. and in the few times i’ve made contact with others, they always invite me to meet but i always have to decline. maybe it’s not the right time for me to take up this hobby? i registered my license for 3 years and hopefully before i renew it, i feel like i can and live-up to the name of being an amateur radio operator.

what do you think?

tire vulcanizing: the right way and the modern way

so i got a puncture yesterday. actually didn’t know about it until i was about to leave the office last night. reversing out of the parking lot, i thought i ran over a tree branch or a cat so i went out of the car and checked what it was all about. then i see this nice flat rear tire on the car and called A immediately to tell her what had happened.

not having done this in quite a while, i was surprised how i immediately knew what to do, like it was second nature to me. (thanks dad!) so i took out the tools, the jack, and immediately got down to business. in less than 15 minutes, i had the flat tire out, the spare tire in, and drove home immediately. i thought i’d have the puncture repaired tomorrow on my way to work. but having a spare tire that’s also been punctured and vulcanized doesn’t spark much confidence. but i made it home.

this morning, i had to look for a tire shop nearby. living in a crowded community, most of the shops are the old-fashioned vulcanizing shops that use a rubber patch to repair small holes. well, it’s what i was familiar with even growing up. i paid P250 for two punctures (apparently, there was another smaller puncture due to a small screw. good thing i have relatively new tires that have thicker tread) coz i really didn’t know how much a repair costs nowadays.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


if i had no control whatsoever with my online posting, if my censorship meter had gone inversely with my frustration meter’s reaction, i would be posting about Duterte everyday. it’ll be a mix but last weekend, it was different. it’s not about his cabinet members or his foul mouth. it’s about the ‘hypocrisy in the Church’.

and i think i’ve grown tired of giving him a chance.

at the end of the election, when he asked for “healing” to “begin”, i was impressed. i thought it was a magnanimous gesture so as to gather all those who are able to contribute to build the nation. when he sobbed on his mother’s grave, i, too, felt his burden. and who do we turn to often during those times? our mothers.

but then he began naming his cabinet secretaries. he began his comments on population control. and recently he began his hate speech toward the Catholic Church.

how does one call for healing and cite those who campaigned against him for being malicious? hay…

no, this is not to defend those whom he mentioned: bishops and priests with wives/mistresses and children. those in the Church who live in excess. those i am able to agree with. they really do need to be named and shamed, in my opinion. but to say that the “most hypocritical institution today” is the Catholic Church, that is something I cannot agree to.

if Mr. Duterte is looking for the perfect Church where there are no faults, he better look far from the Catholics. but he must remember why the Church exists: it is a hospital for the sick, a school for those who wish to learn. it is far from perfect but it doesn’t mean it’s not trying to be.

feeling spent even if it’s a long weekend

i’m thinking it’s really the heat. or maybe it’s just today’s hellish traffic.

had i not watched those videos at home, i could’ve left earlier and skipped the traffic.
had i not washed the car, i could’ve left earlier and skipped the traffic.
had i taken a different route, i could’ve skipped the traffic.
had i not given in to my food cravings, i could’ve taken that different route and skipped the traffic.

hay traffic, panira ka ng araw.

pati facebook, toxic. hay…

home stretch

it’s friday and we’re almost there… eleksyon na sa lunes kaya mawawalan nako ng sakit ng ulo. or maybe not. dahil malamang sa alamang, magiging posts naten ay tungkol sa dayaan. at ang susunod na aabangan ko ay ang June 30 — oath-taking ng bagong presidente kung saan wala nang makakapigil sinuman.


look, i don’t like who’s popular. i don’t like who’s in 2nd either. but someone has to win. if the popular wins over the administration candidate, so be it. if the admin candidate wins, then he wins. ang magiging problema kasi nito ay kung sino man ang manalo, sasabihin ng kabila is nadaya sila. na-“hokus-PCOS” ang boto.

meanwhile, i’m just tired of hearing all these mudslinging. and i just remind myself, mananalo ang dapat mananalo. ako na mismo ang magtutuloy sa mga programang gusto ko sa tuwid na daan. ako na din ang magsisimula sa tunay na pagbabago para sa bansa. ako na din ang magkakaroon ng puso para sa mga mahihirap. ako na din ang magiging matapang na lalaban sa korapsyon. ako na ang gagawa ng hakbang para mapatupad ang mga magagandang nagawa sa Makati.

hindi ba dapat ganoon?

di bale, malapit na. malapit na matapos ang lahat.

reading KonMari

i’m amazed how much i don’t know and yet they’ve been staring me in the face the whole time. it took a book to make me realize them!

kasi, i’ve been reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” or more popularly known as the “KonMari Method” book. into the first few pages and i just wanted to quote lines and post them as FB statuses! (or is it “statii”?)

unfortunately, too, is that i’m one of those “busy people” who seem to never have time to get things done. and i will admit, i at times feel so swamped that i just pretend like everything’s OK and ignore the mess i have.

i’m a hoarder. and i hate it. my mom always scolded my grandmother for keeping old clothes and junk in her closet but she does the same thing now. and i think i’m like them now. i find it hard to let go of stuff because of sentimental value. i keep a hanky coz someone gave it to me even if it’s thinner than tissue paper twice reused. i proudly wear a shirt that’s got large armpit holes large enough for a twin. i still wear my repaired and re-repaired slippers even if i just bought a new pair.

but we all start somewhere. and i should make time for this mission to tidy-up the house. it can’t be miraculously done in a day i’m certain. but it will be done.

… after i read the entire book.😛


i think that was the first time i encountered that extra long length of traffic in NLEX.

i used to kid that because of the population density in the south, SLEX is no longer called “south superhighway” but “south supertraffic” because it’s almost always heavy traffic. last night, coming from my niece’s party in Pampanga, we were doing regular highway speeds in an expressway — made me think i could’ve saved P150 if i took MacArthur instead!

it was just the volume of cars, i think, that were avoiding the heat of summer. instead some people leaving home for manila at 2pm, or 3pm, or 4pm, they all decided to wait for the sun to go down and avoid the heat — and we were all inside NLEX at the same time until late evening.

we left at around 7PM and arrived 1030PM. you’d probably say that wasn’t bad. by “traffic” standards, yes. but for NLEX, it’s just so tiring. you’d think sitting inside a car isn’t tiring but it is. specially if you drive a manual. clutch, gas, brake. clutch, gas, brake. repeat that for 2 hours and you’ll feel like you’ve walked the same distance as you drove.

anyway, just wanted to chronicle what happened last night. oh, good thing the little one was sound asleep while we were in traffic. it would’ve been even more stressful if he was being unruly in the backseat. one of life’s little blessings, the universe saying, “here, have some quiet time in this stressful situation.” ahhhh…