no grit

i now get bored easily. actually more than getting bored, i’m losing the ability to concentrate. there’s always that little thing on the side or in my periphery that begs that i attend to it rather than stay on course. why is that?

i did attribute it to being smart once. being distracted means you have so many interests that you want to grasp everything or take a nibble at everything that you hear or see. you acquire a little knowledge each time but don’t master anything. and it was quite fun at the time when i was still energetic and carefree. now, things are becoming different.

i find myself wanting to lay back and still remain carefree… only thing is i feel incompetent and can’t rely on my own knowledge of the things that i thought i knew! i’m no expert in the things that i once pursued, i was just a passer-by after all.

so i tried to remedy it by reading more. which brings me back to my first paragraph: i get easily distracted. and when i get distracted, i often forget about the thing that i was wanting to do/read.

i started reading Grit by Angela Duckworth, a recommendation from my bestfriend since High School. i thought i could read a whole lot of it but ended up skipping pages and just watching the TED video. and i had to laugh as she discussed how grit was a defining component of success… and here i was, foiled at reading a book and ending up gritless watching the 6-minute video. haha!

and i had to sigh a little. i am where i am right now because i have no grit. i lack motivation. fortunately, in her video too, she says that it isn’t just talent that gets us where we are. that means where i am right now is not perpetual or a result of my limited talents. it just means i need to acquire *some* grit to move up a level from *NO grit* at all.

and so i write it down here in this blog that this is step one. i may fail but i will always try again. and by that, i have acquired some grit.


Aren’t Active Cellsites Enough?

I had this question in my mind while I watched online videos of how Hurricane Harvey pounded on the state of Texas and brought with it 50 inches of rain. Now, Hurricane Irma has just passed the Caribbean as a CAT5 hurricane and expected to move into Florida. The footage from ABC News only reminded me of one thing: It’s Yolanda (Haiyan) all over again.

During and after super typhoon Yolanda, Philippine ham radio operators were indispensable as power lines and communication towers were down. Hams, however, have trained and prepared for such scenarios.

But what if despite the devastation, power lines remain intact and cellular communications remained open? What of hams then?

I would say  they’d still be busy. I imagine there could be a frenzy of calls going in and out of the disaster area, easily stressing the cell towers capacity. And with today’s data-heavy social media posting, it’s easy to visualize a congested cellular and data network – that no matter how much we are reminded to use social media responsibly, immaturity gets the best of us.

Perhaps the ham radio operator would have less workload/pileup to deal with but it is clear that the messages he relays are of utmost importance. Ham radio is a lot of fun, especially in ‘quiet’ times. But we are always reminded of the Amateur’s Code – the amateur is patriotic: his knowledge and his station are always reay for the service of his country and his community.

car registration shoud be easy

kinamulatan ko na may saksakyan kami sa pampanga, a Toyota Tamaraw built in the 70s. and more or less, i’ve known how owning a car meant more responsibilities but at the same time, i’m not sweating it since i thought i knew most about car ownership.

i was wrong.

save for changing tyres, i’ve usually designated the maintenance of the car to the experts. i mean (i think) i know how to do a basic oil change and replacing parts like spark plugs, but because the car is brand new, car troubles are minimal. and after 3 years of hassle-free driving, i encounter the first major hurdle in dealing with the government regarding the car: registration.

i’ve seen my dad do it every year and thought to myself it was going to be a piece of cake. what i didn’t realize is that we’re in a different situation: the car was bought brand new. in Manila.

a few weeks ago, based on the car’s plate number (i know this part! woohoo!), we were due for registration after 3 years. i brought the car to Pampanga since 1.) we always go to Pampanga often anyway, 2.) we get to visit at the same time, 3.) shorter queues! (imagine those cars you see on EDSA and C5 causing traffic trying to register on the same month on the same week. 1/4 of the 1/10 of over 1.74 million cars. no thank you.)

after having it inspected at LTO, we were told to get an emission test as required. and here is where the trouble started.

apparently, the car’s plate hasn’t been entered into the LTO database yet. this puzzled me since we’ve had the car’s plates since 2014! i asked the LTO if they could do it there. the lady said because its original registration is from NCR, it should be entered in a NCR LTO office.

so instead of saving time, i just wasted it. i still had to drive back home.

my father theorized that when they released the plates and stickers, the dealer didn’t update the car’s registration to reflect the new plates. and that was such a disappointing thought. Toyota Bicutan has served us well ever since but this is quite a hassle.

i know car registration should be easy. i mean i’ve seen it done before. but different circumstances have different processes. the only thing i could think of positively about was that this was a lesson learned. and i can now say, “now i know!”

need to get solar fast!

it’s been going on for some time now in my hometown: “brownouts” as we call them here in the Philippines. within the past week, there have been 2 almost whole-day incidents of having no electricity. in the day, perhaps, it’s more tolerable — you can go to the mall or go outside in the yard to feel the breeze blow in. electronic gadgets actually get to rest because of no wifi and no watching TV. but at night, when everyone needs to stay indoors and try to sleep, that’s when it gets really annoying.

i’ve actually planned for this and tried to build the solar kit by buying from lazada. it was for the rainy season when i know (so well) that brownouts happen. and during storms. unfortunately, the solar panel didn’t arrive — the supplier could not apparently fulfill my order because of they didn’t have stocks of the panel. i now had a solar charge controller without a solar panel. (ummm… still there? hehe. i know it’s kinda nerdy but it’s just really frustrating). it’s like having a car without wheels and fuel in the tank.

i asked my sister what they did during the night and she said she checked in at a motel with her family. they had a DFA passport renewal appointment so she thought they really needed sleep because they had to be there early. i didn’t get to ask how my parents did but knowing my dad, i’m sure they were fine. but wouldn’t it be a convenience to not be inconvenienced by power outages?

a facebook friend had this post about living off-grid was actually living “off-greed” i.e. not power-hungry and not wasteful of resources. i liked that idea a lot.

so now, i’m trying to scramble to put the solar kit together. now currently debating a cheap but short-term solution that’s immediately available vs. expensive but long-term solution that needs to take a while to save for. 😦


date and dine? why not!

this weekend, i was a secondary sponsor (yes, at my age! di pa ako pang-ninong! LOL) to an officemate’s wedding. since the ceremony will be at 8:30 AM, and being part of entourage, we had an earlier calltime than regular guests for the photo-ops. (been there, done that 😉 )

the couple actually offered us accommodations but i declined. una, dahil nahiya naman ako dahil gagastusan pa nila kami and, pangalawa, naisip ko kaya naman yun ng early morning drive tutal against traffic naman kami in the morning when people are headed for the city.

A thought it would be better to be in the vicinity na lang to avoid rushing and any freak accident that could cause traffic on C5 that morning. siya naghanap sa online and found Date and Dine Residences Antipolo. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

living-in with the “sexiest woman” of 2017 (accdg. to FHM)

nadine lustre won the poll for the 100 sexiest women by FHM. and recently, news came out that she and james reid are living together. (and doon ko lang nalaman ang “cohabitation” na term. :P)

marami nag-react negatively to the interview trying to confirm it with her. her reason for living-in together? “it’s 2017… it’s normal na. come on guys.”


and then i’m reminded of the classic line in every mother’s litany of things to say when their child is not in good company: “if your friends jump of a cliff, would you jump too?”

if that’s all the reasoning you’ve got, Nadine, you’re not so sexy after all. come up with a better reason. perhaps answer these points raised on PinayVoices.

a second article came out today saying that it’s none of our business if they live together or not. they’re not harming anyone.

maybe dahil artista sila, they have a certain influence on people? like a younger generation? contrast this with AlDub’s “tamang panahon” theme a few months ago.

“it’s 2017 na. come on guys.”


new wipers for Percy

3 taon na pala akong nagmamaneho sa maynila. akalain mo yun?

3 taon nakikipagbuno sa mga jeep, bus, motorsiklo, at pedestrians. thank goodness i’ve come out unscathe… but i did nearly burn or blow-up the car. that was something. 😀

and yun lang ang maganda sa bagong kotse: wala gaanong sakit ng ulo. di kagaya pag 2nd hand, bigla na lang may lalabas na problema, kahit na well-maintained siya.

maybe advantage din ang nagagamit siya for both long and short trips… i get to periodically check the basics (BLOWBAG) and i know how to change a flat tyre. 😛 and ngayon, tag-ulan na naman. and napansin ko na the wipers have started skipping and streaking. manufacturers and experts “recommend” changing wiper blades annually (i.e. more money for them) but i didn’t bother. i just maintain them by cleaning them regularly. but having these symptoms and 3 years of use, i think it’s about time i replaced the wipers. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa