kakaibang init

nope. it’s not what you think. hindi ito init ng katawan. well, in a sense, oo. init ng katawan. ng ulo. ng balat. lahat na!


tapos yung uulan pa na saglit na saglit lang… lahat ng init ng lupa ay sisingaw ulit sa hangin. ang lagkit lagkit lagkit lagkit ng pakiramdam ko pagkatapos ng ulan.

kaya mas maganda huwag na lang umulan kung konti lang. dapat kapag umulan ay medyo tuloy-tuloy ng mga 1 o 2 oras para lumamig ng konti ang pakiramdam. libreng car wash pa. haha!

how do you deal with this temperature? sa maynila, mahirap. sa probinsya, mapuno pa at mahangin. mall na lang ba lagi ang kasagutan sa lahat ng problema naten? ahahay…

hey big spender

bakit ba kung kailan wala kang pera saka ka naman kating-kati gumastos?

ever had that feeling?

parang pagdi-diyeta lang. pigil na pigil kang kumain ng madami pero di mo kinakaya. kaya pagdating ng gabi, lalamon ka ng lalamon.

it takes a whole lot of discipline, i know. and that’s something that i don’t have. or i think i don’t… baka lang natatago sa loob. di ko alam. hay…

in my mind, i justify these purchases are necessities. or rewards for a hard day’s work. or just to own stuff. the pleasure of owning stuff that you shouldn’t be able to buy because you can’t afford them at the moment. i just couldn’t wait. i don’t have the discipline. i don’t have the patience. ewan ko ba.

i remember having a similar conversation with the ex-gf. i liked ‘old’ names (i call them ‘timeless’), she like more modern ones.

but near the halfway mark, they discuss the kabaduyan of Pinoy-sounding names but embrace American-sounding names for establishments.

anyway, i was just able to relate to this and find it amusing. :)

tapos na ang maliligayang araw

this is the thing i hate the most: emotional (over)eating. last week, it was probably just stress. now, partly stress, and partly anxiety. and i don’t want to say it yet because i might misuse the term. but i am thinking it: depression.

madaling sabihin na ‘just get over it.’ atsaka ‘it’s just a phase.’ binobola ko din sarili ko minsan ng ganyan. kaya ang nangyayari, i redirect my thoughts into escaping this feeling. among the things i turn to for happiness is food.


spiritually, maybe i am drained. aside from not going to mass for the past 2 months, i haven’t gone to confession for over a year now. youtube preaching and reading inspirational messages online don’t suffice. even personal prayer and reflection feels empty. ganito din kaya si Mother Teresa noon?

mentally/intellectually, i am lost, too. and i’m feeling the lack of guidance. i need mentoring. i need a mentor. parang feeling ko, spoiled man ang dating, kailangan ko ng babysitter sa ngayon. kasi wala akong alam.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

baby item review: bebeta sterilizer

i know it’s usually mommies who posts reviews of their baby’s stuff online, not dads. but i’m using blogging as therapy for my sleepless nights. what else should i blog about but my daddy experiences with baby stuff! :P

one does not need a dedicated sterilizer to clean baby’s bottles. that is my opinion. BUT if time isn’t on your side, and waiting for that pot of water to boil and steam your bottles in the kaserola, you might want to get one.

being young newlyweds, our kitchen arsenal is very small and limited. we only cook for ourselves which doesn’t require big pots. hence, sterilizing using small pots requires having to do it by batches — a time-consuming task. we decided to spare ourselves from frequent washing and boiling of feeding bottles and get a sterilizer.

we dropped by Market! Market! after our son’s check-up and bought this really cheap one from Bebeta. the saleslady said that it was a subsidiary of Fisher Price but i had my doubts. the price is a bargain at Php 1,360 compared to the Avent, Chicco, and Fisher Price sterilizers. though it had other functions (e.g. egg cooker, food warmer, juicer), i was already happy that i could warm our baby’s bottles for feeding and not have to wait too long. the time we save is translated to larger electricity cost because this consumes so much electricity as it has a heating plate. but that’s the price you pay for convenience.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

i just bought a Panda

hindi punda. hindi mali ang pagkaka-type ko. panda talaga. oo, yung itim at puti na panda.

pero hindi hayop ang binili ko. i just bought my first G-Shock by Casio!


ain’t it pretty? :D

actually, i was not a fan of G-Shocks. i always thought they were gaudy and bulky — something that doesn’t suit my ‘refined’ (a.k.a. social climber! LOL!) conservative taste in watches. or maybe i was just really raised to be old-fashioned. :P Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

turning into a flashaholic

nakakainis. kung kailan maraming gastusin saka naman ako kinagat.

yes, i’ve been bitten by the bug… the EDC bug. and a symptom of the ‘infection’ is having this insane affinity for flashlights.

i already bought a Fenix E12 and i thought it would suffice. “one is enough,” i said to myself. kaso nagkatotoo yung sinabi ko. ahuhuhu…

so i got myself a second one: a Nitecore Tube.

nitecore tube and keys

it’s really really small, perfect companion for your car keys or even keychain replacement! (compare that to my personal EDC Fenix E12) gives out 45 lumens in its brightest setting which runs for about 1 hour (untested by me). and it’s rechargeable with any micro-USB charger — which is basically every modern cellphone charger nowadays. the smaller indicator light inside the transparent body turns off when it’s full, by the way.

the cost? P550 from my suki in Cubao. He didn’t give me any discount so i guess i’m still not a very “suki” suki. haha!