maligayang pasko!

well, since magsa-sign-off muna ako dahil sa Christmas break at walang internet sa bahay, and i’m pretty sure nobody would even notice, i’m just going to wish everybody an advanced Merry Christmas!

and, errr… with Ronito-Ronita, i hope i could go to the mall to send my Xmas card. hopefully it won’t be late.

add ko na lang isa sa mga paborito kong Christmas songs by the great Lucio San Pedro (+)

remember bang-bang, jr?

haha… since i can’t get myself to send a personal message to my HS crush…

goldie was my biggest crush in high-school. well, actually, she was my only crush in HS. mula 2nd year eh nagkagusto na ako sa kaniya. ganito kasi yon: since magkasunod kami ng apelyido (Santos siya. full name: Goldie Candy Santos), naging magkatabi kami. naging madalas ang biruan, kantiawan, harutan, kurutan at suntukan (well, ako lang naman sinusuntok niya sa balikat whenever i say something green. heehee). well, the laughter was swell. i guess when i started to want more, ayun… dun na nagkagulo. in short, di siya na-develop saken kahit na i was going ga-ga over her. she was being aloof. ang malaking problema: magkagrupo kami sa frog dissection sa biology!

anyway, so nagsabi na ako ng “143” pero we still had to work on our frog. ang final project kasi eh kunin yung skeleton ng palaka. say it with me people: AWKWARRRRRRRRD!

anyway, naala ako lang kasi yan dahil nga naglinis ng basura ang dad ko sa bahay. yung mga nakatambak na lumang gamit. and then, there it was! on the black side of illustration board with funny stickers and labels (and strings) with a dusty plastic cover was bang-bang, jr. (may nauna na kaming palaka and we named it bang-bang. unfortunately, may nag-nenok ng palakang yun. so we had to start all over again with a new frog. so we named it bang-bang, jr. )

hay, sarap maalala mga bagay na ganyan. nakaka-bata talaga. kinikilig pa din ako, i admit, whenever i remember the things i felt with goldie. pero it’s more of fondness and with a different heart. i will admit to loving her to an extent noon. ngayon, i still can say i love her and she will always be a good friend.

si bang bang


P.S. i hate it when people always add “as a friend” when they tell their friends that he/she loves them. if you love them, tell them that you love them, period. ang hirap lang kasi madalas nilalagyan ng malisya ang isang bagay na wala naman dapat.

aldo ning kapampangan

in celebration of the 436th foundation of Pampanga, a little tribute to Kapampangans. Be Proud! You’re Kapampangan!

The song is performed by ArtiSta.Rita and Mon David, an award-winning jazz artist, whose roots are found in our hometown. actually, he is our neighbor of some sorts. 🙂 of course, he doesn’t live in our barangay anymore but his parents are still there.

 dakal ku naman buring sabyan. dakal ku buring iparatang kareng mamasa (nung atin man). ngeni na ing panaun para isulung tayang pasibayu ing kapampangan. ali ta’ ‘ya paburen mawala namu kabud ing akaragulan tamu. uling aku, dakal naku e balung kapampangan. sasabyan tamu malalam na lang masyadu para kekatamu. dapot nung gamitan tala aldo-aldo, makapanalbe at mamasang kapampangan, dakal tamu abalu.

ing kaburian na ning pusu ku a mibabaya para keng makanining bage, ita sanang maging ‘popular’ ya kareng kayanakan. ini sana ing buri ku abalu at aturu tamu. e me kakalingwan ing kekang penibatan. pagmaragul mu ing panga-kapampangan mu!

Kapampangan ka, pagmaragul mu! I can’t stress this enough… be proud of your heritage,  your roots. YOU ARE KAPAMPANGAN!

Rice-ing up to the challenge of Lasang Pinoy 22

LP 22 rice 2 the challengei guess i’ve become addicted to participating with this food blogging event. even if my blog isn’t strictly a food blog, i enjoy sharing this event. blog-hopping with others who are food addicts. however, this time, i won’t be writing a recipe. actually, the instructions say you must post a recipe for this round, which i am not going to do because this is a ‘challenge’ meaning (i assume) you really have to cook up this recipe yourself. hmmm… quite difficult for my documentation.

the ‘theme’ for this round is quite broad (in the philippine perspective) because we have so many things that are made from ‘rice’.

why rice in quotations? simply because ‘rice’ in american english is ‘kanin’ or cooked rice. how about bigas? is that rice? and then there’s tutong. that isn’t rice ‘rice’. the thing is that the english language adds adjectives to describe the state of rice while us filipinos have unique words for rice, and its derivatives. so to make this LP a little fun, i’m putting in trivia-slash-challenge about rice. you may post your answers translating the pinoy rice into english. have other ideas for this ‘game’? feel free to inform me and i’ll add it! 🙂

Pinoy | English

Suman (i know there are a lot of kinds of suman)
Duman (i think this is particularly for kapampangans)
Arroz Caldo
Paella (i think these are already acceptable as ‘english’, right?)
Malagkit (c/o iska)

ummm… do the ‘bilo-bilo’ in ‘ginataang bilo-bilo’ (or sampelut in kapampangan) come from rice? i’m just not so sure.


LP22 is hosted by Cooked From the Heart

diesel kiki

if i took this literally, iisipin kong ganoon na talaga ka hi-tech ang mga hapon (at ganun ka-L) dahil ultimo kiki ay de-motor na, diesel pa! susmaryosep!!! *krus*

buti na lang at na-google ko pa to. although di ko nakuhanan ng actual pic ang karatulang to along the highway, may mga sites naman na nagme-mention ng diesel kiki na ‘to. marami pa ngang pictures eh! *giggle* kayo na lang mag-Google para malaman niyo kung ano talaga ang diesel kiki.

diesel kiki

wala na si sir monico

paalam sir monicodi ko alam saan siya ibuburol. pero sisiguruhin kong pupunta ako sa burol niya. one last farewell to a professor who taught me so much in so little time. i know he could’ve taught more people, opened more students’ eyes and minds to the realities surrounding us.

the Philippines has just lost another patriot. a TRUE patriot of the people of this country.

di ko masabi lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. for a great writer, nakakapanliit na magsulat ng isang pagpupugay sa kaniya. basta ang alam ko lang, he will not be forgotten easily. and that he has influenced me so much. i’m still not digesting this well…

the batmobile part 2

to continue my going ga-ga over cars and batman, here’s my second post on the batmobile. browsing through the web, it seems that there are a bunch of batmobiles that came about in the history of batman, whether in comics, animated series or in movies. so just to be clear, i’m going to show batmobiles that have been actually driven by people — working batmobiles. of course, the gadgets and gizmos may not.

the next batmobile made it to two films: Batman and Batman Returns (i think this was with Michael Keaton). anyway, this is one of the more gorgeous batmobiles ever. look at it!


isn’t that beautiful?! it’s already beautiful showing it off but it’s better if you show off INSIDE it, right? want to own one? gawd i’m so~ jealous of this guy:

konting historya muna: This was the first car (i think) after the longest time to be manufactured as a real cat that was to be driven by an actor. this made its debut in the 1989 Batman movie and made a reprise in Batman Returns both starring Michael Keaton.

The batmobile was designed by Anton Furst, the production designer for Gotham City in the movie. He built the car by joining two Impala chassis together. the car was powered by a Chevrolet V8 engine which made a huge gurgling noise but was music when revved. The body was fabricated, and the whole thing rides on a set of Mickey Thompson racing tires on custom wheels.


the bat-mask was gone entirely from this new design, which had been pretty prevalent in the comics. in its place, the retracted nose shows a large jet turbine intake with mandible-like front fenders on each side. cold air intakes for the afterburner were mounted ahead of the rear fenders. the rear of the car had a rounded, heavy look that was influenced by cars of the 1930s, set between a pair of relatively short sculpted fins. and good lighting and a little steam/smoke to set the mood and you get something intimidatingly inviting and astonishing!

Ronito Ronita

sounds peculiar? hindi ito typo. salamat kay jojie sa pag-tag sa akin at kay iRonnie for thinking of this getting to know you meme. it would be, once again, difficult for me to find a volunteer for this tag. haay… need to read more blogs and do less work! LOL anyway, the rules say:


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** Participants will be accepted until December 16 (Phil. time) only. On December 17, the organizer (iRonnie) will email to you the details of your Ronito/Ronita. Send him/her a Christmas greeting via E-cards preferably on December 25. Should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

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step 3 seems optional, if i read it right. i can tag people but they won’t necessarily forced to join. wala rin namang “convincing needed” na naka-mention. it’s entirely voluntary. so right now, i’ll just hunt for people who are willing to join. 🙂

the holiday merienda (a.k.a. the pasta experiment)

Bonifacio Day last friday so i went home in the morning. yey! vacation! and, syempre, food! i dunno but i was in the mood for cooking this weekend. i cooked tinola for lunch, which was pretty much acceptable. the soup was very much welcome on these colder days. and then in the afternoon for merienda, my mum asked me to cook the pasta from my cousin. she said there was pasta upstairs and then lots of tomato puree so before everything expires, cook up something.

with that, i was pretty happy to oblige. only thing is since this was an impromptu recipe, i just had to make-do with what was around the house. i didn’t have time to go to town to get mushroom soup or even a larger block of cheese. i was stuck with leftover ingredients. 😦
Magpatuloy magbasa the holiday merienda (a.k.a. the pasta experiment)

i took A to the national museum for a date


oh yes i did!

ewan ko ba. ayaw ko na sa mall. not really, i just thought sawang sawa na ako sa siksikan ng mga tao sa mall. sa mga pelikulang madalas eh wala namang kuwentang panoorin. ayaw ko namang magpaka-bobo sa mga entertaining movies. weekend, i know, but i wanted this date to be more than the usual (asus! eh bakit sa luneta pa kayo nagpunta?!).

typical (read: baduy) na ang dates sa luneta. libreng pasyalan with overpriced food. ang mali lang kasi eh late ako nakadating sa kanila at kulang ang budget at preparation for the trip. plus whenever we go out, we see the benefits of having a car. even if it’s a Kia Pride! basically anything that has four wheels, runs on gas, has a place to put food and stuff in and won’t let us get too sweaty under the sun or too wet in the rain. at higit sa lahat, yung makakapag-tipid sa aming paglalakad.

kasi naman, the national museum has a number of galleries inside five floors of the old congress building (four lang actually. 5th floor was closed for renovation). going through all of them, i’m sure eh sasakit din paa niyo. first 2 floors and the first few galleries, we would fix our eyes to paintings and other artworks for about 5 minutes each. and then nung nakakaramdam na ng pagod, dumadaan na lang kami! ahaha… which was a pity, really. there’s so much to see, learn, and experience inside the national museum. pero syempre, picture taking is a no-no. ang sarap nga sitahin ng ibang nandun noon eh. haaay…

juan luna’s spoliariumpaglabas namen, naisip ko na may na-miss kaming isang importanteng painting. the spoliarium by Juan Luna. i remember seeing huge painting during one of our trips in HS or elementary. namangha ako sa laki pa lang ng painting. then when you stand back, you really do feel everything happening inside the painting. when you stand closer and look around, you become part of the scene. ewan ko, that’s what i felt when i was there. i felt like i could very well be one of those people dragging the dead. i was inside the picture. i felt uncomfortably pleased to be inside and experience the power of that painting. sayang lang talaga at di ko siya nabalikan at nalaman kung ganun pa din ang reaksyon ko sa kaniya after all these years.

at, oo nga pala, libre ba talaga pumasok sa national museum? outside the main entrance, may nakapaskil na admission rate. P100.00 for adults, P30.00 sa students, P80.00 sa senior citizens. pero hindi kami siningil! which was weird… i hope di kami habulin or ma-ban sa national museum.