there’s no winning

natawa na lang ako sa sarili ko.

you can never win any argument with your SO and they will never let anything stay buried in its grave!

and even more than before, i believe in the wise, wise words of husbands before me to take to heart these 6 words that will be the center of your marriage:

“Yes, Dear.”
“You’re Right.”
“I’m Sorry.”

You can even string them together to get the full effect! LOL!

Maybe I should just have it printed on a shirt and point to one phrase to save time. hahaha!


you are three

you are three
and so are we
you, mommy, and me

you will forget the stuff we do today
but i hope you are learning
inside that little brain

that happiness is not found in toys
or presents or cakes
but in life’s simple joys

a walk in the afternoon,
a dash to the market
a bike around the corner
a silly face
a tight hug
a big kiss

happy birthday!