Susie’s Cuisine Pancits and Cassava slice


oh yes! very very yum! 😀

i’ve always been buying kakanin from Susie’s Cuisine in Pampanga for the longest time but have never dined inside their store. so we took the opportunity to dine while waiting for sumi girl’s grooming session to finish.

A had the pancit palabok and i had the pancit malabon. (Php 50.00 each). from what i could tell, the difference is pancit malabon had the thicker rice noodles and pancit palabok had different noodles. it didn’t seem like angel hair pasta but was almost the same size. it wasn’t the same as bihon/miki. basta, mas makapal yung noodles. 😀 hehe. oh, and pancit malabon had some pechay baguio and toasted garlic or something.

my only mistake was that i was tamad to get calamansi. so when i ate my pancit, i thought it was definitely salty. but maybe if i put in a calamansi, i’m pretty sure it would’ve neutralized the saltiness and the pancit would come out perfect. 🙂 still, despite the saltiness, a quick swig of water and i already finished my plate! hahaha (nagreklamo pa daw na maalat? lelz)

if you pass by Pampanga one of these days, try considering dining in at Susie’s Cuisine, instead of just buying pasalubong for the house. 🙂 lots of choices pa so maybe i’ll be back to sample the rest of the menu.

5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Susie’s Cuisine Pancits and Cassava slice”

  1. parang masarap. sige, hahanapin ko ‘yan pag nagawi ako bandang bulacan-pampanga area…

    at may pag-aming ayaw tumayo para sa kalamansi, haha. aba e, P50 lang pala ang bawat order, you need to stand up nga for the kalamansi, ahaha… ikaw na ang masarap ang upo. 🙂

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