the hunt’s afoot!

Plurkies would know and because of my previous post, i’m building my new PC little by little at home. 🙂 and so far, so good. people at home can now surf the net and not wait for me to come home para lang magamit yung laptop. and my mom is happy that she can get her lotto results fix even if my dad or sisters miss the nightly draw on NBN4. even more pleased is my dad because he doesn’t have to wait for the draw to air anymore! lol…

but there are downsides… i still can’t find a way to make the webcam and headset to work on Ubuntu/Kopete. was hoping for the Virtualbox solution but apparently, my XP CD is hacked beyond repair. and latest of my problems is finding the new printer to go with the new PC.

school’s almost here again. and hopefully, i’m elligible to enroll next sem. madami akong utang sa mga prof ko eh. dahil na rin sa katamaran. and i guess my pamangkin will be using it for school stuff anytime soon. so to prepare for it, a printer is essential.

after almost a whole afternoon looking at product specifications (yeah, men are like that, aren’t they? 😀 ), i finally decided on the Epson Stylus TX100! because 1) it was an all-in-one printer. 2) it had 4 individual tanks for the inks instead of the conventional 2 (1 for black, 1 for the 3 colors)! winner na sana eh! until i searched for Linux driver support. and apparently, Epson has none! argh!!! naisip ko kasi yung matitipid ko by buying individual colors kesa tri-color cartridge. i used refills for my old Canon S200 printer and it gave up on me after just a year or two. so if i buy originals, i could save more if it’s by color, individually! but alas, the ‘perfect’ solution to my predicament was only near-perfect.

the hunt’s afoot, then! i wonder which one i’ll find… and after that, it’s LCD monitor naman. (daming gastos! sana araw-araw may 13th month pay! lol) which i’ll save up for muna.

oh, by the way, Canon and HP have Linux driver support for their stuff.

for HP –
for Canon – get it from “support & download” area.

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