success and failure

i may think i’m absolutely obsessed. and stupid.

i’ve been plurking for the longest time about Ubuntu. the quirks, the perks, and the things i’ve been doing in the office with it. obviously, i do the tinkering at the office since i plurk about ’em during office hours! and this is primarily because i wanted to install Ubuntu on the new PC i’ve been planning to build from scratch to avoid being a ‘criminal’ with pirated software. i can’t afford expensive software from Microsoft. i’m just a poor boy (nobody loves me; he’s just a poor boy from a poor family! lol)

but after truckloads of blood, sweat, and tears, i finally had Ubuntu running the way i wanted it. well, almost. i still couldn’t get the instant messenger to run with the webcam and headset. so i thought of finding a cheap alternative and found an old XP installer. booted it from CD, attempted to install it but XP installer couldn’t recognize the partition i was assigning to it. (ok, it’s getting too geeky.)

to make the long story short, i ruined my Ubuntu install! so now, at 10:24 PM, i’m on my PC, still trying to reverse these large FAILURE into a success again. *sigh*

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2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “success and failure”

  1. oh noes, kami nga, we tried Windows 7 on a hard disk full of important files. The partition went bonkers and we lost the data to the hard disk, the bugs of Windows 7 got it! Now, i dunno how to recover it since even my installers for recovery of files went down the drain too.

    oh noes talaga yan! ang saken, i was doing a fresh install on a HD partition na FAT32. ayaw ata ng XP, gusto NTFS. so tried to reformat the partition and then ayaw pa din. kainis talaga Windows!

    do you have another PC sa bahay? baka pwedeng i-hook up yung HDD para magamitan ng recovery program. not sure anong meron libre sa net pero baka meron. sayang yung files ah… 😦

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