A farewell to motherhood

Shakira Sison’s article in today’s Rappler gave me a slight headache.

i just had it after reading her statement, “My point is that as gay people, parenthood is never an accident.” well duh!

it just feels as if heterosexuals have become these sexually-charged rabbits that only want to breed: “It is a carefully thought out and complicated process that makes it impossible to be a mom or dad on a whim, and guarantees that our children are always wanted and prepared for.” hindi ba parang nakaka-discriminate yan ng straight couples?

it is hardly a ‘carefully thought out and complicated process’ to NOT have baby/be a mom/dad. it is a biological impossibility (unless of course the couple is a lesbian-and-gay couple) for same-sex couples to create life on their own.

it saddens me to have people see children as somewhat a commodity — something that you ‘acquire’ or plan for. it sound more like you’re getting a car or a house rather than a human person. and this isn’t just for same-sex relationships. i know a lot of heterosexual couples who do the same thing.

but there are points that i do agree with. “The reality is that having a child for self-satisfaction when one is not ready is the more selfish act. The true purpose of a woman is to honor the creation of life by not doing it haphazardly.” this is true. that is why straight couples are taught self-mastery by controlling sexual urges. because sex is sacred. because it brings a unique person into the world. one should not do it haphazardly. not for the pleasure and self-satisfaction the act brings and not for the sake of just having a child so someone can take care of you when you grow old.

i think Erma Bombeck once described parenthood as something similar to flying a kite. only when one cuts the tether and see the kite fly on its own are we sure that we have done the right thing. yes, having children is a big responsibility. but we should raise them and have them not for ourselves but for their own. they are not expensive toys that poop and pee. they are human beings the day they are conceived. they are persons. they deserve the respect any human life deserves. they are gifts.


chivalry is bigotry

i think we do live in a time when values seemingly no longer matter.

this post is captioned with “Is chivalry dead? We really hope there was not a single male passenger inside that jeepney,” to which i would definitely agree with. but apparently, the more popular public consensus is that chivalry is not demanded of men and equality encourages us to let women do these things because #girlpower.

soon, i think, chivalry will become a bad thing. where belief in a man’s obligation to protect and defend women is considered bigotry — because it highlights a woman’s weakness, fragility.


i believe in an ‘equality’ where there are roles men need to do that women can’t as much as roles women need to do that men can’t. the ‘equality’ lies in the complementarity between the two. the ability of one fulfills the inability of the other. to say that all humans are equal requires you to demand all be uniform in skill, capability, and talent. but we are not all the same.

The Art of Manliness has become a great resource for me. not because i’m a chauvinist or hyper-male. it’s because i believe in chivalry still. i see its great lack in today’s world. and i see the need for men — manly men.

isang araw na pakiramdam mo wala na namang katuturan pinag-gagawa mo sa buhay.

habang tumatanda, dumadami at kumu-kumplika ang mga problema. ang kaibahan lang ay di mo na pwedeng takasan at takbuhan.

pero paano mo masusulusyonan? hindi mo din alam.

hindi mo pa din alam.

first pair of cans! sennheiser hd201 from lazada

i must’ve been one of the bargain hunters on lazada that day. so remember the thing that i bought online the other day? here it is:


i’ve heard a lot about sennheisers in the past which made me trust the brand. i so wanted these headphones way back that i asked around already for their price in shops and music stores as well as online sellers. though technically good for the price, i still wasn’t willing to shell out over Php 1,000.00 for a pair of listening devices yet. i stuck with my Philips earphones that just cost me around Php 350.00 and was pretty happy with the sound they produced.

no, i’m not an audiophile but there are just some things you like to listen to and you just want something better than the default “headsets” that came bundled with your phone right? sometimes, you actually get good quality headsets but more often than not, it’s cheap and crappy-sounding.

when i saw the huge discount on lazada, i still debated with myself whether i should buy or not. they are now an old product. they are probably old stocks and maybe Sennheiser was releasing newer models by the end of the year. but ultimately, it was the price that convinced me. even if they are old, they still must sound good anyway. which makes me a happy music enthusiast.

‘i need chocolate’ day today.

kinda feeling low today. napagsabihan lang ng boss. or actually more like ni-remind about my schedule. buri na kasi atin kaming more or less fixed schedule. haven’t been able to stick to it lately for one reason or another. bisa ku mag-explain pero baka isipan namu it’s just making excuses. and ali naku man biyasa potang one-on-one eh. marine ku and pota atin kung akalingwan potang mag-explain naku.


mengan ku pin today 2-pc chicken. anti-depressant? tabalu. maybug ku pin kumiyak for no apparent reason. or maybe it’s the frustration of being (sort of) scolded pero ali naman dapat/there’s a valid excuse. makapangayna. maka-alang gana lungub keng obra. or is this part of ‘growing up’ and natututo paano kumapal ang mukha? *deep sigh*

i need chocolate today.

let’s see how this lazada thing works

i’m not into online shopping. no, really. i really prefer to actually touch, feel, test, and sometimes smell whatever product i want to buy. the only times that i’ve transacted online is with people who i meet at an enthusiasts’ forum which more or less i’ve had an interaction with or have a reputation as individuals inside the forum.

but never with an ‘online mall’ of sorts. except for today.

there are mixed ‘reviews’ online about lazada.com.ph. some purchases needing replacement that were never re-delivered, delays in delivery, and sometimes items become out-of-stock and they tell you to just use the amount to purchase other items.


nevertheless, an officemate’s first-hand experience is encouraging to me. so today i tried it out because i saw a great deal from their adverts on facebook.

after going through the ordering system, the status says it’s “being processed at our warehouse and will be ready for shipment within today.” on the Order Tracking button. does that mean i’m going to receive it today? (it was an impulse buy. teehee.) do they deliver on weekends? it would be better if i receive it today because the long weekend starts tomorrow! and i won’t be in the office to receive the item!

it’s a bit of a worry.

so i’m hoping really REALLY hard that they’re that efficient. same-day delivery. even if their website says it’s a 1-5-day delivery within Metro Manila. too bad i can’t schedule it.

oopsie! spoke too soon. :D just got an email confirming my order and said it’ll be delivered within 3 working days. (atat lang? hahaha!)

anyway, i’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.