my own Game of Thrones Season 8

This season is bad. My only justification is that it is a rushed season and they have to tie it nicely in a big red bow when it ends after 6 episodes… but it only undoes whatever has been developed in the past 7 seasons.

i’m not one to keep track of the ‘foreshadowings’ and the legends, oracles, and predictions in the past seasons but if it were up to me, i’d have this general script/idea.

1. Daenerys is Queen. Mormonts and other houses withdraw because they distrust Dany and return to their own lands. Free folk stay with John, only because they are loyal to Jon, not Dany.

2. Preps. Building tension is good, but i think it shouldn’t have been this long-winded. they shouldn’t be contemplating on winning but thinking that this is just the last battle they’ll ever fight, evacuates to the South. they ask again for help. this is where Jon should’ve been revealed to everyone as the true heir. ravens sent out would include in their plea for help that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and the rightful heir.

3. the Battle. pity no one important dies. i would’ve killed off Tyrion here. because GoT. and maybe Sam. he’s done his part anyway… Maybe Tormund, too? also, the overrun dragon should’ve stayed dead. and the Night King doesn’t die… and now has 2 dragons instead. revives everyone for the next wave of battle. Everyone retreats South (Dragonstone?).

4. No time to mourn or regroup. Cersei is happy Winterfell has fallen but afraid of the two ice dragons. Cersei has battle with Night King, killing two dragons using the Scorpions (wouldn’t it be weird people actually rooting for Cersei?). Jon and Dany attac with reinforcements from Mormonts and other houses who withdrew. Still epic battle, Iron fleet and all. You can have your Arya moment here. No more Night King. Bran and Theon can die here too.

5. We can mourn the dead here. With losses on both sides, truce and diplomacy is tried again. Varys mediates, uses Ser Jaime. Cersei happy to see no more Tyrion. Jaime double-cross. Brienne heartbroken still. Meanwhile, rumor spreads about Jon. Varys gauges people on who is better.

6. Varys in throne room with Cersei. Double cross? Maybe. Confirms rumors about Jon. Refuses to concede. Starts wildfire burning of the city, protecting Red Keep from Jon and Dany attac. Wildfire Scorpions. Ser Jaime’s like, “not again!”, slaps her with a trout, takes her away to escape. Confesses she fakes baby. Jaime snaps and kills Cersei. Red Keep crumbles from wildfire. on surface, Jon and Dany seem victorious. in the dungeons, Varys plotting to kill Dany, receives raven about white walkers still in Winterfell. Credits.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots of holes in this plot. I don’t care. I still think this is better than the one I’m watching now. *sigh*


go ahead, lower the age of criminal liability…

if you can make sure our justice system works!!!

kaso hindi eh. yung mga kilalang magnanakaw, pinapalaya. bakit? dahil sa pera at kapangyarihan.

kawawa lang yung mga bata. gagawing fall guy ng mga big fish. alam kong pinag-uugatan nitong bill na ‘to eh dahil nakahanap ng butas yung mga utak ng kriminalidad sa Juvenile Justice System… kaso parang mali ang response. imbes na panagutin yung mga gumagamit sa bata, yung mga bata ang huhulihin? pambihira.

i will not discount that there are crimes committed by those younger than 16. but to justify it by saying it will lower the crime rate tapos eh 1.1% lang pala ng krimen eh mula sa kanila, you think that 1.1% fall in criminality is justified? manghuhuli ka ng mga bata? hay…

i’ve read a lot online and more or less, even those i disagree with in other matters, there is a consensus that 9 is too young, too innocent. much like the kid that bullied another student, i didn’t blame him too much. i was far more angry at the parents!

anyway, that’s what’s raising my blood pressure nowadays. hopefully releasing it through this blog (and not just another facebook status that i stopped myself from writing) helps in de-stressing me. hay..

miyerkules palang nakakaloka na ang pilipinas! haha

what do i get out of it?

this is a thing i’ve observed lately. people go to mass because they want to get something, and call it wasted time when 1. Father’s homily is ‘recycled.’ 2. All I heard was the crying baby in church, 3. It’s about EJKs and drugs again. 4. they just care about the collection. 5. Why did I receive just half a host?

tapos kapag magsi-simbang gabi, kukumpletuhin yung 9 na misa. bakit? kasi may hinihiling. nagiging deboto kay Padre Pio, kay Mama Mary, kay Poong Nazareno dahil may hinihiling. magpapa-bless ng sasakyan sa Antipolo dahil gustong ligtas ang sasakyan. hiling pa din yun.

kailan ka ba huling nagsimba na ang dala mo lang ay pasasalamat? we’ve lost that sense of gratitude, IMO. there’s nothing wrong with asking for blessings pero kung iyon at iyon lang ang dinadala natin tuwing misa, no wonder sasabihin mong “di ako pinapakinggan ni Lord” or “hindi totoo iyang sinasabi ng mga Katoliko! araw-araw akong nagsisimba pero walang natutupad sa hiling ko!”

and this a lesson for me too — to have more gratitude and show this gratitude by worshiping the Lord. hindi dahil gusto kong gumaling ako, yumaman, o huwag kaming pabayaan. kahit hindi ko hilingin, gagawin niya iyon dahil mahal ako ni Lord. eh yung lahat nung ibang binigay niya na hindi ko hiningi, nagpasalamat na ba ako para doon? malamang hindi. so i try to be more focused on those things rather than on what i currentlyl don’t have.

“seek first the Kingdom of God… and all things will be added unto you.”

grant me temperance

we’ve recently started a novena at work and aside from institutional requests, there is also a time for personal intercessions. i’m for the ‘generic requests’ often times because, well, i’ve never really thought about it. i would ask for good health, more money, and world peace. 😛

in the past few weeks, i’ve been dealing with personal demons and have come to the conclusion that i’ve been addicted to pleasure for the longest time. that’s why i eat a lot. that’s why i’m often buying stuff. that’s why i like fast internet *wink, wink*. these temporary pleasures are the things i use to drown out my unhappiness. in food, we call this ’emotional eating’ — we eat our sorrows away. and it’s such a vicious cycle that i do feel that it is an addiction and at a certain level, a demonic possession.

Magpatuloy magbasa grant me temperance

4 months unlicensed

as you know, i’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since 2015 and just like a driver’s license, it expires and requires renewal. unfortunately, i’ve not been as active as i would like to be because of so many reasons. and since my license expires on June 2018, i’ve currently been unlicensed for 4 months now. what am i missing out on?

well, not much really. save for some VHF activities (i.e. net calls, emergency drills), i’m not missing a lot with my expired license. however, if you count on the things i’m not involved in (HF, DXing), i would say a lot! but equipment for these types of communications is expensive. as. in. expensive.

also, time is complicated. weekends are for chores and ‘duty days’ for our son (my in-laws take care of him on weekdays), so EBs, meetups, etc. are considered a luxury, temporally speaking.

renewing a license is done on weekdays. i can’t leave work for that. also, i would need proof that i’ve been an active ham. who would certify that for me when i’ve haven’t been at any activity? 😦

oh well, much as i would like, ham radio might not have been the hobby i need right now.

everything means little to nothing

this is what i realized last wednesday… that sometimes, those ‘big deal’ sacrifices are totally meaningless to some people. now i think of all the things i’ve done that i thought were *something* but may end up meaning nothing at all…

i’ve been extending the life of most of the stuff i own. well, simply because i can’t afford to replace them. having to struggle with them, inventing ingenious ways to repair and breathe new/more life into them, now it all seems futile. why?

because in the end, you’ll still replace them anyway. you’ll spend money and that’s the bottom-line. you really don’t ‘save money’. you just delay spending it. that’s what other people think anyway.

maybe i’m doing it wrong. maybe trying to salvage something doesn’t mean anything. it might be time to change my mind again.

can’t change glasses

i’m not sure how long i’ve been wearing my old glasses now (see postscript). most of the time, it doesn’t bother me as much. i can do most of the day-to-day activities without hassle. even driving! but last week, it got a little evident that i need to get a new pair.

i attended a special lecture by Mr. Ed Fukada, formerly of JTWC (that’s the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawai’i) on how they forecast typhoons. Even if I sat at the front row, I still had to tilt my glasses to read what’s on the projector. I have a newer pair (2 actually) but one has scratched up lenses and the other one’s frame is broken. I tried to DIY repairs but none lasted a day so I got stuck with my old pair.

funny enough, my father, wise man that he is, also lectured my eldest sister on the same matter a few weeks back with my sister’s eyeglasses’ frame taped up where the end piece and screw meet. he quipped, “may pambili ng aircon pero yung ginagamit pang-araw-araw, wala.” my sister defended herself saying, “i *am* already getting a new one! i just haven’t got time to go to the optometrist.”

now that i think about it, it’s just (again) all about priorities. some things take precedence over others. there are other more important things i guess than just a pair of glasses. besides, i was only reminded of them when i attended this lecture — not everyday. what’s a little discomfort when you can make others feel much much better? so yeah, i won’t be changing glasses anytime soon… unless my son turns them into another flying saucer or something. 😛


i checked my instagram and at the earliest, it was November 2017.

finding solutions… hopelessly