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Thing to do: Visit Richard Heck’s grave

Richard Heck 1931-2015 image from

I dunno. I just feel like I need to visit his grave. Pray for him. Say sorry. I feel like I should apologize or something. Man, a Nobel Prize winner, rejected admission to a hospital because of unpaid bills! There is something seriously wrong there.

as a (pretend) scientist (i honestly don’t consider myself one yet. maybe not ever.), i feel disturbed that i might be like him in the future. he, despite having made such a great discovery, grew old poor and alone. and then there’s myself — a trying-hard nobody in science.

Rest In Peace good sir. Rest well.


lunar halo shots

it was sort of ‘big news’ on social media when everyone started posting about the lunar halo last night. i didn’t really know about it until i was heading out of the office. i just looked up and saw it was there! i took a couple of photos and because i was in a hurry, i just took as many as i could without thinking about and adjusting settings. so, tell me watcha think? 🙂

IMG_1443-1600 IMG_1448-1600 IMG_1449-1600 IMG_1453-1600 IMG_1461-1600 IMG_1442-1600

Venus transit in the Philippines

here’s the only decent picture i got of the transit of venus across the sun today, 6 June 2012. it’s a rare site… twice in a lifetime, in fact… the first was in 2004 (6th in the total recorded observations of man) and today would be the 7th. and i’m proud that i had the chance to see it with my own eyes — indirectly, of course. 🙂

the ‘freckles’ on the sun are actually sunspots and the round object (let’s call it a ‘mole’) on the face of the sun is the planet Venus! 🙂 it’s just wonderful that two wonderful astronomical events happened just 2 days apart. and we are just fortunate to have seen them with our own eyes and could wonder about things like this.

sure, it may not have any practical applications right now to the ordinary person who lives and works in an office but this is just one of those things you try to see how brilliantly things are in order in the world.

anyway, perhaps a reflective extension of this event would be done on my next posts but in the mean time, i only want to share this with everyone. and maybe brag a little. 😛 haha! (sige na, pagbigyan niyo na ako. :D)

i just realized that this is my first, last, and only chance to see this planet transit across the sun. wow. i am floored by this thought.

is airsoft for me?

caused by some of recent events, a couple of which are national issues and some more intimate ones, i’ve become interested, once again, in gun replicas. you know, those plastic BB guns, more popularly known (then) as pellet guns but are now known as Airsoft guns and rifles.

my first airsoft gun was a KSC Smith & Wesson (i forgot what type of pistol. probably the Model 39. it has the same brown wood textured grip) way back in the 90s. yes i was probably underage for those kinds of toys but i had my father with me when i bought that in a store in San Fernando. i had a lot of fun holding it, feeling its heavy weight as if it were the real thing and pretty much treated it like an actual pistol. though i couldn’t have much fun with it because you have to cock it after every shot, not like the new ones that you put compressed air into them or those that have battery-powered motors inside that let you shoot continuously.

if memory serves me right, my old pistol cost me Php 600.00. and you still add the cost of BB pellets that you use for shooting. i didn’t bother buying target boards/paper because i was just too young to think about competition and scores. what my playmates and i would do was usually get an empty can of sardines or milk and have some target practice! and if we do attempt playing with scores with hand-drawn target boards, we’d do it indoors! you ask why? we need curtains! 😀

Magpatuloy magbasa is airsoft for me?

the quest for presinto dose

Last 9 april 2010, a couple of violinists decided to invade Mr. Angel Gabute’s workshop to have their violins checked and repaired, myself included. it ended up having mine “confined” in his “clinic” because LJ was too sick. 😦

looking for his workshop was an adventure, too! good thing carl had a car. after fetching the other 3 fiddlers (marc, clay, and ron), they picked me up from PHILCOA at 10AM in front of McDonald’s and we were on our way to Caloocan. from carl’s communication with mang angel, our landmark would be Precinct 12 — a police outpost near his workshop, no directions, no maps. just a street address of the workshop and that landmark.

i checked my phone (good thing i had Google maps installed) and started browsing for directions. but all Google had was until Malaria street and another major road! (yes, there’s a street called Malaria in Caloocan! LOL). from there, we started asking people along the road. we asked one lady about San Isidro, Tala, Caloocan and said “malapit lang yun!” but later realized a Filipino’s idea of “malapit” differs from place to place, not to mention it being relative on its own.

Magpatuloy magbasa the quest for presinto dose

walang Superman sa Pilipinas

kaka-kain ko lang ng almusal kanina sa kanto malapit sa terminal ng mga jeep. and then nung sumakay nako, pangatlo palang siguro ako sa mga pasahero. waluhan daw yung sasakyan kahit na 2 kaming medyo “healthy” tapos eh halata namang pituhan lang talaga siya. buti na lang eh umalis na si manong kahit anim lang kami nakasakay.

napansin ko lang yung t-shirt nung isang manong na kasakay ko. medyo itim, payat, at hindi siya cute. (lol) tapos suot niya was a gray shirt na may print ng red telephone booths na nakatumba parang dominos. i got the impression that it was part of an exhibition or installation art. bigla ko lang naisip si Superman.

Magpatuloy magbasa walang Superman sa Pilipinas