would my grandchildren be proud?

saw this photo on 9gag and i had to chuckle.

and then came dread. ano nga ba ang makikita nilang letrato ko sa hinaharap? i have this picture of my grandfather and i am definitely proud of him. eh paano naman ako?

i thought of Google-ing my name. may kapangalan nga pala ako’ng singer sa youtube. LOL. i guess there’s no claim to fame for me except my EPOD photo. pero i still have a long future ahead of me. (sana)

this made me think of, also, what would my son’s future be like. feeling ko kasi ang dami nang hindi natututunan ng kabataan ngayon like getting their hands dirty as i did at one point in my early years. iba kasi tingin ng tao kapag sinabing naka-enroll ka sa Tech-Voc course. i really feel that favoring STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects over industrial arts (skills training) and the arts is a mistake. why can’t their development be parallel? dahil ang idea ba naten is S&T will solve the country’s problems? what use will it be if we lose our soul and identity? our respect for hard work and labor?

i just hope i’m doing things right with my son. and that someday, he can look back at pictures of myself, my father, and my grandfather and feel the same pride as i have.

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