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love notes

maybe it’s serendipity that i’m posting these today, a day before St. Valentine’s Day. these were shots from a tree that had lovers etch their names and the date at the Baguio City Botanical Gardens during our weekend trip. some people think it’s vandalism, like i do, especially when it’s overdone. others will say it’s a romantic gesture that hopes of a long and lasting love. (sing it!) i didn’t capture all of the names on the tree. nevertheless, since love is in the air, i’m inclined to forgive these hearts because they are in love.  if you’re one of them lucky couples, i pray you remain strong in your relationship, as strong as the pine trees of baguio. 🙂

No, i’m not peeing on the tree!

IMG_1818-1200 IMG_1819-1200 Magpatuloy magbasa love notes

lunar halo shots

it was sort of ‘big news’ on social media when everyone started posting about the lunar halo last night. i didn’t really know about it until i was heading out of the office. i just looked up and saw it was there! i took a couple of photos and because i was in a hurry, i just took as many as i could without thinking about and adjusting settings. so, tell me watcha think? 🙂

IMG_1443-1600 IMG_1448-1600 IMG_1449-1600 IMG_1453-1600 IMG_1461-1600 IMG_1442-1600