Mga Imbak na Marka: YouTube

shhh… the universe is listening


i’ve been re-watching some inspirational messages on YouTube and got reminded how they teach this: if you want something, visualize it. better yet, put it in writing. and watch how those dreams come true.

so far, so good.

i reviewed my old posts and saw my open letter to the universe. sa ngayon, isa na lang ang hindi natutupad: iyong pang-huli.


i got to travel to Italy for free. A gifted me the best point-and-shoot camera available. (labyu! mwah!) and the internet connection, currently, is pretty decent. even got a refund for their day-long maintenance once!

so the last one’s the big one. major. and it’s actually one big statement that has smaller things in it that i want to do happen. i’m more hopeful now that it can be realized soon enough.

besides, i was wrong when i asked the universe to get rid of my envy. it did not remove it. it did not give me the one solution i wanted. it didn’t make me win the lotto. it just granted me the wishes i had.

she’s attractive. but not sexy.

contradictory? probably. i just miss posting random things so here’s one for today.

i subscribe to SourceFed on YouTube and they posted this video on Maxim’s Hot 100 for 2013:

of course you’d notice this pause for Jennifer Lawrence. which i just don’t get.

yesterday, i watched The Hunger Games again on the PC at home and i still don’t get it. yes, she is beautiful and extremely attractive… but it won’t make me go “hubba hubba!” (dated expressions. i know!) and then i find this picture:

and then i get it. she is beautiful. she is attractive. but i don’t like her because of those. to me she looks ‘normal’… like someone i’d probably meet on the street. someone i could get to know and chat with. she’s not ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ like the others who pose provocatively and whose face you easily get tired of. she seems to have a real personality. to me, she’s a different kind of attractive. she’s not too fat, even if others thought she is/was. she’s someone you bring home to introduce to mom and dad. you become a good boy around her — you won’t think of actually doing unspeakable things with her but you still find her ‘yummy’ enough.

or maybe a better term would be “nakakagigil”.  it’s not as sexual as the other Filipino terms such as “nakaka-L” or “nakaka-ul*l”. there’s restraint involved and some level of respect, from my perspective. let’s hope it stays that way. 🙂