Mga Imbak na Marka: x-men apocalypse

Apocalypse: my hero

Just finished watching X-Men: Apocalypse from )(*&$@(*&^ (looks like WordPress doesn’t want to reveal my sources! :P) and had a great build-up but didn’t quite reach the climax that i wanted. parang kwitis na supot. it flew off with such a great story but blew up in a flat “pop!” like a burst bubble. i was a bit lost where everything was in the story but it was entertaining enough.

but that isn’t my takeaway from the movie: Apocalypse just became my villain-hero. not because of what he did in the movie but because of his objective: to renew everything!

life is stressful. all the bright sunshine of my former blog has become a place to vent and rant most of the time. there are some slivers of fun time but they are becoming rarer. still, this may seem dark but it just made me realize that to renew the world i have now, i really need four red horse beers! 😛 hahaha!

renewing may mean having to letting all my defense arsenal down. get rid of my “nukes” and just lay back and take it easy — live the way i used to and live simply, nary a care in the world. have fun (destroying worlds).  perhaps i overcomplicate and overthink things now. i think that’s how older people get jaded. *shrug*

i need a less stressful life. a less tired body and a more nourished soul.