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product photoshoot: my first expensive bow

not a bow tie. and neither do i have plans to go naked on Feb. 14 shooting people with an arrow to go with this bow. i have a checklist of things that i want and i guess i wanted to start ticking off some of them so i can feel a little ‘rewarded’ for slaving away daily. plus, i thought i could start getting into a little practice of product photography specially now that i have a decent camera. 🙂 plus, i was somewhat inspired by DigitalRevTV’s product photography on the cheap!. 🙂

all i needed was some light and a nice clean background.

since i was at the office when i did this (yes, i’m a model employee! LOL), i only had two options: natural light from the window or the office fluorescent lights on the ceiling. i had no desk lamp to turn into lightboxes. i tried natural light but i had bad shadows. i switched the lights on and didn’t get the right lighting. so i opted to use just the fluorescent lights. as for the backdrop, i used bond paper… nice and clean!

fleur-de-lis on frog

this bow is sold, brand new, for about Php 4,500.00 and i got it for Php 1,000.00 less! bow hair is nice and practically brand new. i haven’t tested it on any of my violins since they’re in the province but i can tell it’s really light… lighter than any bow i’ve owned. how this would affect my playing, i wouldn’t know. like photography, sometimes it’s not just the equipment that matters… you need to have good skills as well. so after a physical ‘upgrade’ of my arsenal, i’m hopeful that it’s the person who will get an upgrade soon. 🙂

Abalone slide violin bow wrap
fleur-de-lis on frog bow screw

the quest for presinto dose

Last 9 april 2010, a couple of violinists decided to invade Mr. Angel Gabute’s workshop to have their violins checked and repaired, myself included. it ended up having mine “confined” in his “clinic” because LJ was too sick. 😦

looking for his workshop was an adventure, too! good thing carl had a car. after fetching the other 3 fiddlers (marc, clay, and ron), they picked me up from PHILCOA at 10AM in front of McDonald’s and we were on our way to Caloocan. from carl’s communication with mang angel, our landmark would be Precinct 12 — a police outpost near his workshop, no directions, no maps. just a street address of the workshop and that landmark.

i checked my phone (good thing i had Google maps installed) and started browsing for directions. but all Google had was until Malaria street and another major road! (yes, there’s a street called Malaria in Caloocan! LOL). from there, we started asking people along the road. we asked one lady about San Isidro, Tala, Caloocan and said “malapit lang yun!” but later realized a Filipino’s idea of “malapit” differs from place to place, not to mention it being relative on its own.

Magpatuloy magbasa the quest for presinto dose