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Thor Productions, why did you have to break our hearts? :(

Update (2016/05/05): I didn’t realize that this entry would have a life of its own four years after I wrote it. anyway, in the name of fairness, as you’ll read in the comments, i already resolved this with the team about two months after they found out i wrote this in 2012. ThorProductions has replied to more recent incidents (2016) (see comments) and I hope this will be settled amicably like we did. Thor left his email address and contact information.

N.B. I wrote this blog as a personal documentation of my experiences and emotions. though resolved, this is part of my life i made public and wish to share with others.

perfect na eh. perfect na sana. pero wala pa ding nangyayari…

if you remember, i posted something very personal on this blog and it was somehow a review of our videographer, thorProductions. i really had a good feeling about them and we trusted them immensely. but i’m afraid that it’s fading away slowly everyday.

we got married over 9 months ago and were happy about the delivery of our on-site video when they sent it just after a month. actually, A and I thought that the DVD sent to us was the final DVD of the whole event. it was actually the same on-site video I downloaded from their vimeo account. i was impressed na sana kasi i thought ambilis nila mag-produce ng output! up to this day, we haven’t received the DVD of the coverage of our wedding.

what’s so disappointing actually isn’t the waiting. pwede naman kaming mag-hintay. ang ayaw ko lang ay yung pinapa-asa ka nila. they say they’ll deliver the final product by the end of December. January comes and they say end of February. March comes and goes, wala pa din. in 5 days, May na. wala pa din kaming natatanggap or update man lang. actually, i emailed them using our old thread during our negotiations with Thor and Carmela and their new email address pero hanggang ngayon, walang reply.

here’s what i wrote them: Continue reading Thor Productions, why did you have to break our hearts? 😦