Mga Imbak na Marka: The Morning Rush

on the hunt for TMR book 3

really? ubos na talaga?

yan na lang laging reaction ko kapag nagtatanong ako sa bookstores. “wala na po. ubos na.”

grabe naman tong libro ko… 😛

i say “libro ko” because i’m one of the entry-senders whose name got published in the book! i made it to book 1 but not book 2. nanlalamig lang. pero i made it through book 3! how did i know without a copy? @homersweethome posted a page with his name on it and it just so happened my codename was there too! 🙂

oha oha! 🙂

so, the hunt continues. sana magkaroon na ulit ng stocks sa bookstores. 🙂

one person

this is the second cry baby-related post and i don’t know why.

anyway, since i listen to Chico and Delamar every morning on the radio, i get to hear their quirky, bastos, and intelligent conversations through their top 10 everyday (i recommend you subscribe to their podcast). and when they talk about entertainment news to current events (usually on News@17 segment), i get updated on what’s going around on the net and on TV, and sometimes i Google the ones i was interested in.

and just this tuesday (i think), chico mentioned about katy perry being a guest on my all-time favorite children’s TV show Sesame Street! you all know i have a huge crush on her, right? 😀 so i just had to take a peek on youtube and found it cute but a bit awkward because of katy perry’s (over)acting… but that’s just my opinion. *sad*

wanting to go back to the old (and better) Sesame Street, i tried looking for the older video clips. but what i ended up watching were different videos of the muppets on the show — them and the real-life puppeteers on a stage in Jim Henson’s memorial service. and this just raised the level of respect i had for the cast and its creator even more. their talents and hearts will never be a match for Barney. if you’d like to know what i’m talking about, watch the videos below. there are a couple of more videos but i’ll let you search for them.

Magpatuloy magbasa one person