Mga Imbak na Marka: the big c

don’t take my sunshine away

you all remember Goldie, right? No? Read this, then.

Updated? Good.

Fast forward to last night, I couldn’t believe what I saw and read: Goldie is battling it out with cancer. She had mastectomy done last May and that’s how they learned about the HER2 StageII cancer.

I honestly don’t know where to begin.

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Goldie {image from her GoGetFunding page}

she was my special girl in HS. she was my sunshine. and even if it wasn’t mutual then, and now i’ve married and she’s to-be-married (!!!), we know that these people, they occupy that one place in our memories and hearts.

hindi ko na siya mahal gaya ng dati. pero dahil minsan ay minahal ko siya, iba pa din yung takot, pag-aalala, at pangamba na nararamdaman ko.

at our age, di ba dapat hindi ito ang pino-problema namin? that should come later in life, when we’re all wrinkly, old and grey. yung mga sakit-sakit na yan, dapat pag matanda ka na saka lang sila magka-permiwo na dumapo sa tao. hindi ngayon.

it’s not fair.

andaming masasamang tao sa mundo, bakit di na lang sila? ang daming pangit ang ugali, bakit di na lang sila? andaming ibang tao na mas deserving sa ganitong mga bagay. hindi si Goldie.

and then i always remember Romans 8:28. “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”

Please pray for her. if you can, please help her win this fight.