Mga Imbak na Marka: sunset

birthday gift?

went home early yesterday because it was A’s birthday. i leave the office often after 6PM but since today was different, i had the chance to see the sunset. and i got a bonus! 🙂

so far, this is best rainbow i have ever seen. and it was pretty long, as well! i just thought that it would’ve been the perfect gift from Him for A. 🙂

summer sunset

this is my only reward for waking up at 4 AM to make it to our 7AM calltime at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. taken during the last day of a 2-day conference co-organized by our office. it’s March, the sun is just beginning to heat up the summer days and often, we curse and complain and hope for the sun to hide behind clouds. but during a sunset, it captures you and captivates. it doesn’t irritate or annoy you like it normally would around 1 or 2 PM. it changes your mood to a more relaxed, laid-back nature.

and these times, you’re glad that clouds aren’t around and summer is here.