Mga Imbak na Marka: "Smart Gold Lite"

I got Gold… and a “sumpungin” phone!

the good news first… I got GOLD!!! 😀 haha…

not literally real gold but I got myself to subscribe to Smart Gold Lite plan. It’s P300.00 per month with a special P2/min call-rate Smart-to-Smart calls. (do i sound like an advert already?)

anyway, i just wanted to try it out since i’m a big boy now and i think i’ve grown out of the prepaid stuff and can handle the responsibility of paying the bills. well, sort of… in the lite plan, you don’t exactly get a bill sent to you via mail. you’re supposed to be sent an email/reminder that you have accounts to settle with Smart Communications. the store rep told me that if i choose to upgrade to plan 500, i’ll be sent a monthly bill via mail. but i don’t know if i actually spend that much.

Magpatuloy magbasa I got Gold… and a “sumpungin” phone!