Mga Imbak na Marka: shiphaus

green chocolate

so, where were we? i got a little sidetracked with other posts and the Christmas break but i have to get back to this. aja!

finally, we got to the “main event” for anyone going to Bohol: Chocolate Hills!


i’ve only read about the Chocolate Hills in my HeKaSi books in Grade School and HS. i used to just imagine how they would look like. being a kid from Pampanga, i just imagined a smaller Mount Arayat covered in brown foliage. it was pretty different and exciting once i got closer though… very different in a pleasant way! Magpatuloy magbasa green chocolate

two quickies: ShipHaus and the man-made forest

i put these sites together because we didn’t spend much time exploring them and mostly just for photo-ops. some sort of “yes, i was there” shot. and, yes, i know the title might harass you but it’s not what you think! 😛

the ShipHaus is a popular landmark along the highway going to the Chocolate Hills. it’s been featured by a couple of magazine-type shows on TV and all i know is that a ship captain missed sailing so much that he thought of building his house in the shape of a ship. it was really amusing to see this when you pass by and i guess the owners are already used to having strangers stop and take pictures. we didn’t go and look what was inside since, well, we weren’t really that interested, to be honest. maybe if it were a tank or a submarine, then maybe i would be interested to see what’s inside. but i’m not a fan of ships. 🙂

on the other hand, our other ‘quickie stop’, the Bohol man-made forest, was very interesting to me. according to our guide/driver, Manong Cito, the reforested part was the coolest part of the highway. on both sides of the road, you see these slender Mahogany trees reaching high up to the sky to get some sunshine. apparently, since they were planted mostly at the same time and grew at the same rate, it made them grow taller than they normally should. i’ve passed by Quezon Avenue in Quezon City a thousand times and the Mahogany trees were tall but not as slender as the ones in Bohol.

while driving through the strip of road, i was half-expecting the Cullen house at the end just around the bend. it was mysterious and enchanting at the same time. i’m not sure if i would like to pass by the road at night though but thinking about how Alice would set up lights to guide guests into the Cullen house got me wondering again and excited to see how wonderful it’ll look! it made my mind wander, too, how it would feel to trek or hike through the forest because it’s not like any forest i’ve been to. (went up forested areas in Zambales, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna but none looked like the man-made forest of Bohol). maybe there’s a trail that we could try out next time we visit! 🙂 plus, it was a good thing that the road wasn’t a busy one so we were able to get some shots in the middle of the road.