Mga Imbak na Marka: RX 93.1

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this is the second cry baby-related post and i don’t know why.

anyway, since i listen to Chico and Delamar every morning on the radio, i get to hear their quirky, bastos, and intelligent conversations through their top 10 everyday (i recommend you subscribe to their podcast). and when they talk about entertainment news to current events (usually on News@17 segment), i get updated on what’s going around on the net and on TV, and sometimes i Google the ones i was interested in.

and just this tuesday (i think), chico mentioned about katy perry being a guest on my all-time favorite children’s TV show Sesame Street! you all know i have a huge crush on her, right? 😀 so i just had to take a peek on youtube and found it cute but a bit awkward because of katy perry’s (over)acting… but that’s just my opinion. *sad*

wanting to go back to the old (and better) Sesame Street, i tried looking for the older video clips. but what i ended up watching were different videos of the muppets on the show — them and the real-life puppeteers on a stage in Jim Henson’s memorial service. and this just raised the level of respect i had for the cast and its creator even more. their talents and hearts will never be a match for Barney. if you’d like to know what i’m talking about, watch the videos below. there are a couple of more videos but i’ll let you search for them.

Magpatuloy magbasa one person

4 days shy of a postless month

everybody blog i’ve read has had a ‘hiatus’ phase. and i was like “eh?” with an eyebrow raised and with a weirded-out look. imagine mo na lang pano magsabi ng “meeee ganooon?!” si Mr. Fu, ganun na hitsura ko. 😛 heehee…

since hindi ko maaatim na wala akong post sa buwan ng agosto man lang… kung kelan sandamukal na alaala ang meron ako tungkol sa buwan na ito, saka naman ako walang post! pero no-brainer pa din ang post ko today.

i remember hearing over the “News @ 17” segment of RX93.1 about Freddie Aguilar calling Charice and Arnel as monkeys. and I can’t blame him… ‘monkey see, monkey do’ that’s just it. it’s like they’re big-shot lounge singers (as of the moment, i hope). some might justify that they’re just starting out. ok, i can agree with that. but when will they start making their own hits? Charice’s debut album didn’t make that much noise in the local radio. i don’t know outside but where is she now? still singing other ‘sikat’ and ‘birit’ songs of other artists, i guess. and Arnel? last time i saw him was in a moymoypalaboy video. heck, Korean artists get more airplay than both of them combined!

as for people calling Ka Freddie as ‘laos’, he may not be as popular then as now. but is that his fault? (pero aminin niyo, naisip niyo na isa siya sa pinaka-dakilang kompositor at mang-aawit nung namatay si Tita Cory diba?)  iba na kasi gusto ng tao. individualistic na kasi tayo. dare i say escapist music na kasi ngayon ang uso. everybody happy diba?  wala ng pakialaman sa content. basta maganda tunog, sweet yung lyrics or guwapo ang vocalist ng banda (*cough* Hale *cough*), OK-OK na. kaya nga nauso yung panggagaya ng mga sikat na kanta and ina-adapt naten sa panlasa ng tao by adopting the catchy tunes. we “make” it Filipino. pero lyrics lang. asan na yung artistic na pinoy? yung magaling na Pinoy magsulat ng musika at kanta? no wonder may isang nagpupumilit maging isang National Artist kahit di ko maintindihan pano. pft!

watching the video clip on about a man mourning, pouring ashes over himself, beating his breast and tearing his clothes off, i felt the anguish and lament of someone for the dead. if that’s an artist rendition of an objection to CJC’s nomination, it’s very effective and definitely delivered the message right through. well, at a minimum, at least ako naintindihan ko yun. sina Charice at Arnel, gets kaya yun? will they lament at the death of Filipino and the Filipino Artist?

anyway, napa-lalim yata yung pag-discuss ko ng no-brainer na post. hahaha… what i just wanted to share was etong 2 kantang to… na bago pa man nauso ang banana-nanananana at ang payong (payong, payong, eh, eh), sikat na manggagaya na din pala tayo. or manghu-hugot ng musika… apparently, these are the originals.

remember who sang the Filipino versions?

*in a Miranda Priestly tone* that’s all…