Mga Imbak na Marka: photography

oh noes! memory card is full!

oo. napuno na ng tuluyan ang memory card ko. di ko sukat akalain na magagawa kong mapunan ang 8Gb ng memory card ko sa 1 taon. actually, nagbura na ako ng mga video pero napuno ko pa din siya. my original plan was NEVER to delete a photo or video on my camera and just buy a new one every year. yung memory card na mismo ang pinaka-back up ko sana and the copies i have on my PC and online would be the ones for ‘circulation’ or the ones i would constantly access and/or edit. so ngayon, on-hold muna ang photography dahil wala pang pambili ng pampalit na memory card.

or i could just be sensible and copy my photos on the PC and then reformat the memory card, right? tipid and practical! ewan ko, sinumpong na naman ako ng pagka-OC. or ng kabaliwan.

birthday gift?

went home early yesterday because it was A’s birthday. i leave the office often after 6PM but since today was different, i had the chance to see the sunset. and i got a bonus! 🙂

so far, this is best rainbow i have ever seen. and it was pretty long, as well! i just thought that it would’ve been the perfect gift from Him for A. 🙂