Mga Imbak na Marka: philippine podcast

podcasts… podcasts everywhere!!!

so lumalabas ang pagka-obsessive ko sa mga bagay-bagay ngayon. as you know, kaka-simula ko lang mag-podcast last post ko. and i’ve been watching youtube video after youtube video on podcasting. and now i’ve got this head full of topics and ideas on podcasts na din! how do i know this?

yesterday, we were discussing in a small group a thing or two about ethics. and i was already thinking to myself, “i should get this recorded or maybe schedule something like this to post on my soundcloud!”

then after visiting an officemate’s corner, we started to talk about traveling. in my head i was already listening to the intro of the podcast and how a nice tropical bed/background music would be so appropriate and just set the mood.

then i drove to work today and began to talk to myself as if i were a commentator on the traffic channel or something.

WOW. i AM obsessed.

but who wouldn’t be? it’s such a great medium to reach other people. only problem is i have to conceptualize it better. format it properly. and do it regularly. and maybe be brave enough to publish it on iTunes! woooooh! taas ng pangarap mehn! 😀

malay naten diba?