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product photoshoot: my first expensive bow

not a bow tie. and neither do i have plans to go naked on Feb. 14 shooting people with an arrow to go with this bow. i have a checklist of things that i want and i guess i wanted to start ticking off some of them so i can feel a little ‘rewarded’ for slaving away daily. plus, i thought i could start getting into a little practice of product photography specially now that i have a decent camera. 🙂 plus, i was somewhat inspired by DigitalRevTV’s product photography on the cheap!. 🙂

all i needed was some light and a nice clean background.

since i was at the office when i did this (yes, i’m a model employee! LOL), i only had two options: natural light from the window or the office fluorescent lights on the ceiling. i had no desk lamp to turn into lightboxes. i tried natural light but i had bad shadows. i switched the lights on and didn’t get the right lighting. so i opted to use just the fluorescent lights. as for the backdrop, i used bond paper… nice and clean!

fleur-de-lis on frog

this bow is sold, brand new, for about Php 4,500.00 and i got it for Php 1,000.00 less! bow hair is nice and practically brand new. i haven’t tested it on any of my violins since they’re in the province but i can tell it’s really light… lighter than any bow i’ve owned. how this would affect my playing, i wouldn’t know. like photography, sometimes it’s not just the equipment that matters… you need to have good skills as well. so after a physical ‘upgrade’ of my arsenal, i’m hopeful that it’s the person who will get an upgrade soon. 🙂

Abalone slide violin bow wrap
fleur-de-lis on frog bow screw