Mga Imbak na Marka: Pampanga

Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

the first day of our Bohol trip nearing its end, we were set to visit a butterfly farm. My guess is this is as common as the petting zoos they have along the roads. this butterfly farm is a little bit different because it’s surrounded by nipa and is elevated. kinda reminds me of our old house in pampanga. well, the actual farm isn’t elevated. the ‘museum’ is. the real farm was a beautiful garden to the side of the hut. ๐Ÿ™‚

aside from the butterflies, the minor attractions that greeted us were the turtles (which i didn’t get on camera) and the monitor lizard inside a large enclosure.


after paying the fee (it was Php 20.00 if I am not mistaken), we went into the hut through a rickety bamboo bridge. underneath, we saw the ‘minor attractions’ but my parents-in-law were too worried they might fall into it! lol. after crossing the small bridge, a whole bunch of framed and preserved butterflies greet you everywhere. in the middle of the space, more than 3 dozen butterflies are displayed between two glass panels. i wondered why these weren’t framed like the others with white opaque panels. i got my answer soon enough.

the staff let us have a look first at everything before he called us to have the obligatory “i got wings when i went here” shoot. manong took my camera and had us stand at the opposite end of the room as he positioned himself near the butterfly panel. not long after, we had proof that we were fairies. ๐Ÿ˜€


Magpatuloy magbasa Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

wanna see these boys’ “tete”? :D

i never knew we had one funny sign that was recently put up in our neighborhood. although the name of the place has been already known to us since my childhood, the sign that now identifies place could very well make its rounds in the internet. The sign?

tete boys sign

well, at least my wife found it funny because she’s Tagalog. i, on the other hand, being used to the word “tete” (which means “bridge” in Kapampangan) really didn’t take notice of its subtle humor. ๐Ÿ˜€

6 months too late. waaaah!

i never got to learn how to navigate flickr ever since i put my photos in it. besides, i also have a photobucket account where i put most of my forum-related pictures. so i never thought of flickr or any photo-hosting site as a tool to promote my ‘photography’. i don’t even have a really nice camera!

anyway,ย apparentlyย i got a comment… actually i got a request for permission to use one of my photos! and it was meant to be used for a contest that could win for a public school in our town educational material and livelihood for the community around the school. major help for the less fortunate in my beloved town, Sto. Tomas, Pampanga!

BUT… i got the comment 6 months ago on flickr! ๐Ÿ˜ฆย waaaaah!

oh well, i guess it wasn’t meant for me. i would’ve said “yes”. it was for a good cause anyway. *sigh* sayang… my chance at a moment of fame gone. ๐Ÿ˜› ahahaha…

is airsoft for me?

caused by some of recent events, a couple of which are national issues and some more intimate ones, i’ve become interested, once again, in gun replicas. you know, those plastic BB guns, more popularly known (then) as pellet guns but are now known as Airsoft guns and rifles.

my first airsoft gun was a KSC Smith & Wesson (i forgot what type of pistol. probably the Model 39. it has the same brown wood textured grip) way back in the 90s. yes i was probably underage for those kinds of toys but i had my father with me when i bought that in a store in San Fernando. i had a lot of fun holding it, feeling its heavy weight as if it were the real thing and pretty much treated it like an actual pistol. though i couldn’t have much fun with it because you have to cock it after every shot, not like the new ones that you put compressed air into them or those that have battery-powered motors inside that let you shoot continuously.

if memory serves me right, my old pistol cost me Php 600.00. and you still add the cost of BB pellets that you use for shooting. i didn’t bother buying target boards/paper because i was just too young to think about competition and scores. what my playmates and i would do was usually get an empty can of sardines or milk and have some target practice! and if we do attempt playing with scores with hand-drawn target boards, we’d do it indoors! you ask why? we need curtains! ๐Ÿ˜€

Magpatuloy magbasa is airsoft for me?

old and new

i guess most people are already aware of the North Rail project of the government. sa dami ba naman ng na-displace na tao sa project na ‘to, sino ba’ng di makakapansin diba? at least the government provided relocation sites for the affected residents. but one affected “resident” can’t easily be relocated, particularly in my own hometown.

when i was still a little kid, dad would wake me up around 5:30AM to get ready for school. i’d take a bath, get dressed, eat breakfast and wait for my school service to pick me up. and each morning at 5:45 AM, in what is mostly a quiet dawn (save for the early greetings of the neighbor’s chickens), i’d hear the train passing through the adjacent barangay through the noise it made with its wheels on the tracks and perhaps with its engine as well.

now that i look back on it, i think i never saw the train itself. i guess we had conflicting schedules. ๐Ÿ˜› but unfortunate as i was, my dad would tell me stories about the train. how he, as a child, used to go with my uncles and playmates to the train tracks, line up coins on them and wait for the train to pass. and once it did, they’d hear all of the coins they placed jingle and fly from tracks as the train flattened them into what looked like blobs of nickel or gold. he also told me that they could never hold them immediately with their hands because they were really hot after being flattened.

when he grew older, he told me how the train became critical to our family’s livelihood. my grandfather was a watchmaker and tailor who worked in Avenida. my father would commute via the train to Manila, bringing some materials to the shop and would come home with my grandfather afterwards. this was quite easy for them since we had one station in our town. and now, with the new North Rail project, this station is deemed unnecessary since they will maintain the one in the City of San Fernando, leaving our station to be demolished.

Magpatuloy magbasa old and new

spot the difference

during my afternoon bike around our place, i noticed a concrete marker on the side of a newly paved road. it was about a meter high and bears the provincial seal of Pampanga. the marker was written with black paint over a white background and was in kapampangan (i’ll translate it for you, don’t worry). and after seeing this, i had a big smile on my face but immediately left with a deep sigh of depression. before i explain, i’d like to show you how the marker looked like and what is written:

in red, “Province of Pampanga”. the text below, “concreting of barangay road E. Mercado St. Ext., San Vicente; Length (blank); Budget: P 466,185.99; this project for the people is made possible through the cooperation of the provincial government and the local government unit of Sto. Tomas, Pampanga.


what do you see? what do you NOT see?

i just had to capture this so the following week, during my afternoon bike around town again, i snapped this photo. i could not resist sharing this. it is my opinion that it would be a grave sin to society and to the voting public to not make this known.

okay. now, let’s take a look at specimen #2.

i don’t see any need for any translation whatsoever. of course, it’s all in English, right?

let’s play a game now. spot the difference…

i tell you, campaign period started way before politicians started filing their certificates of candidacy.

EDaku Asali!

in Isabela, Gov. Padaca was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.
in Bulacan, Gov. Mendoza was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.
in Pampanga, Gov. Panlilio was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.

and kelan na nga ulit ang eleksyon? aaaahhh… sa May na diba? may koneksyon kaya yung mga nangyayari sa eleksyon? hmmm…

aminin man naten o hindi, may impluwensiya ang gobernador sa magiging resulta ng eleksyon whether by indirectly or directly involving him/herself. alam na natin paano nagwo-work yung direct involvement. yung indirect eh halimbawa: security. paano kung di ma-secure ng PNP/AFP ang mga presinto? di ba dapat i-ensure ng governor, together with the COMELEC officials, na secure and protected ang mga balota?

second example, yung mga ka-partido ng incumbent have the upper hand, hindi ba? although sometimes party affiliation can be a bane sometimes to an absolutely brilliant candidate, the machinery is there to assist you, more so kung incumbent ang kapartido mo.

Magpatuloy magbasa EDaku Asali!

Ondoy surprise!

if i were at home in Pampanga last saturday, i would just be fine. i would be ok. being home leaves a feeling of security. i don’t know. it just gives me that. so after sleeping-over at the office because of the rains and floods, and hearing of the terrible traffic on NLEX, i went home to Pampanga on Sunday. i was expecting some water but i thought most of it would have subsided after 12 hours or so. so after breakfast at Kenny Roger’s in katipunan (thank goodness they were open! Jollibee ran out of food since the delivery van couldn’t get through the waters the previous day and McDo was closed), i took the bus home and what did i see setting foot on San Fernando? this:


i wasย  riding a padyak driven by a manong holduper. P40 for a length of something i could normally walk on an ordinary day. ok, fine, he saved me from getting wet. wag naman holdap na presyo diba??? hay…

i got home, saw that the backyard was flooded about 10 inches to a foot. but it’s ok. no electricity and water. but it’s ok. i’m home.

pero siyempre, i had to come back to manila for work. ๐Ÿ™‚ but it’s ok pa din. i know they’re safe. we can manage. we’ve been through worse.

when one thing leads to another

have you ever had that experience where one simple thing led into another? no, i’m not just talking about work piling up or problems snowballing out of proportion. it’s one of those things that you thought would be a simple task and you end up thinking of what more you could do!

this wasn’t very far from my two long weekends in Pampanga. i told myself i’d go to SM to buy stuff for the house like bathroom cleaner, tissue paper, some groceries — you know, house stuff (how redundant!). when i got home, i just had this nagging feeling to clean the bathroom because i was imagining that the Lysol bottle was already talking to me. (lol) so i scrubbed, washed, and rinsed the bathroom to pleasant scent-ness. ๐Ÿ˜›ย  but i wasn’t done yet. i had this urge to clean my room naman! and so with one wet and one dry rag, broom, and dustpan, and enough determination, i attacked my clutter and the dust in my room! pretty soon, it was looking quite habitable again. ๐Ÿ˜€

within the same period, one of the sites i frequent on techie stuff — – was holding a contest for a new LG Cookie! Rules are posted here and I thought to myself, “Gee, a new phone would be nice!” and decided to join. part of the rules require you to design the LG Cookie thumbprint into something that represents *you*. simple enought, i was thinking of the design already in my head. bloat the image and make it rounder and put eyeglasses and some techie stuff beside it. it’d be just like Mojacko with spectacles! ๐Ÿ˜›

Magpatuloy magbasa when one thing leads to another