Mga Imbak na Marka: Ondoy

if you need a hero, call a Filipino*

sitting in front of the PC at 4 o’clock in the morning at the office, while the rain keeps pouring down on the metro and northern luzon, it takes great effort to work. specially because you’ve been staying up late for the past 3 days primarily because you are thinking of other people’s welfare. that’s the downside of being involved in studying disasters. kaya kung employee ka at pinapa-uwi kayo kapag umuulan, pasalamat pa kayo at kapag bumabagyo at may lindol, makaka-uwi pa kayo!

undeniably, this ‘tragedy’ has proven how low some people can go just for political ambition and how some risk and even at times give their lives, literally, for others. the latter just gives me enough pride to say loud and proud:

yes. you do what you can. nothing is too big or too small. although you can argue some are doing things for personal gain but most of us do what we are doing because we believe in humanity, in compassion, in our fellow Filipinos.

so, how are my fellow heroes?

*yung mga makasarili, may vested interest at may maiitim na budhi, hindi kasali. *belat* lol

image taken from TPC Ondoy thread. nice idea for a shirt noh? 🙂