Mga Imbak na Marka: nokia

now i’m confused, Microsoft

i just found out that Windows Phone 8 has just become official.

and Windows Phone 7.5 users CAN’T upgrade to WP8 because of hardware limitations — but similar features would be present in the update to 7.8.

well that killed WP7 sales for Smart and Globe for the Nokia Lumia and HTC Mozart.

i’m not sure bakit pero the way i see it, lalo na at kaka-launch lang ng Lumia line ng Nokia sa pinas, (HTC Mozart has been around for quite some time) tapos ilalabas ng Microsoft yung bagong version ng OS nila tapos hindi naman pala upgradable yung phone to the latest version, why would i spend so much cash on it? If I were a regular guy, bakit pa ako bibili ng Lumia na mapag-iiwanan in a few months and will be left in version 7.8 forever? whereas a guy who’ll just wait a couple of more months can get the WP8 version that would probably last longer and get more updates and support from game developers? hay…

sige, fine. sabihin na naten na since mabilis naman ang pagpapalit at paglalabas ng phones, would it really matter na hindi ka maka-upgrade to the latest OS? lalo na’t minority lang ang may Windows Phones. but then again, aren’t you really looking for exclusivity/uniqueness by having something that others don’t have? bragging rights.

but what ‘bragging rights’ are you talking about if you don’t have the latest phone?

anyway, so there. i just thought that this would affect WP sales on both networks — Smart and Globe. or maybe, the low-end WP won’t be affected as much. it’s the Lumia 800/900 that’ll probably lose.

the ‘classical’ cellphones

what was your first cellphone?

na-kuwento ko na yata dati na unang cellphone namin was a ‘home phone’. think of it as a landline pero mobile handset ang gamit namin. our monthly bill was P120.00 for just calls and then it had its special area in the living room kasi doon lang siya may signal! it was an old motorola but i can’t remember the unit name. hehe. then came ‘texting’ and we had that bright green & blue Bosch mobile phone. then came Nokia which soon dominated the market.

one of the nice things about the ‘newer’ mobile phones then was you can choose your ringtone. and there weren’t just 4 or 5 of them. there were about 15 or 20 and you could even compose your own ringtone!

but most people, i think, don’t know that those ringtones you had on your old 5110 or 3210 actually came from classical pieces. they sound boring to you, for sure but have you wondered how they sound once played on an orchestra? or even just a string quartet? then watch this:

amazing diba?! hehe.

keep on clicking the “related videos” on youtube to listen and watch more of the amazing MozART Group. grabe sila… they’re so funny! and i prefer them to the technoclassical performers na sumikat (e.g. Bond and Maksim). i have nothing against them, really. ayoko lang yata talaga ng techno… or at least how they delivered the pieces. heheh.