Mga Imbak na Marka: MMDA

katipunan avenue at night

it’s been a while since the MMDA replaced the U-turn slots with traffic lights along C5 and katipunan. a lot of complaints came out when it was done in katipunan but it greatly improved traffic flow in C5. well, maybe just a little but it was a better than what it used to be. so that’s great news.

and because i’ve not had practice shooting photographs for a long time, i thought i’d test it on katipunan traffic one evening. 🙂 classes are out in ateneo so maybe that’s one reason for the lighter traffic.

everyone is blaming everyone else

traffic situation in EDSA-Guadalupe. image from

just recently, like maybe 2 weeks, some reactions to news have been bothering me. first was the planned relocation of informal settlers along Metro Manila’s rivers and second is the proposed implementation of 4-digit number coding. they have their good points and bad but the feral reaction to these things is what bugs me the most.

first off, relocation of squatters is a good thing for everyone. poor families are evacuated from hazardous locations prone to flooding, the rest of metro manila gets better drainage, less trash, healthier environment. it looks like a win-win situation. but some disagree. enter bianca gonzalez and her tweet. and being one of the new pinoy “thinking class”, she seems to have completely understood the plight of the middle class against the free-loading poor. Magpatuloy magbasa everyone is blaming everyone else

walang Superman sa Pilipinas

kaka-kain ko lang ng almusal kanina sa kanto malapit sa terminal ng mga jeep. and then nung sumakay nako, pangatlo palang siguro ako sa mga pasahero. waluhan daw yung sasakyan kahit na 2 kaming medyo “healthy” tapos eh halata namang pituhan lang talaga siya. buti na lang eh umalis na si manong kahit anim lang kami nakasakay.

napansin ko lang yung t-shirt nung isang manong na kasakay ko. medyo itim, payat, at hindi siya cute. (lol) tapos suot niya was a gray shirt na may print ng red telephone booths na nakatumba parang dominos. i got the impression that it was part of an exhibition or installation art. bigla ko lang naisip si Superman.

Magpatuloy magbasa walang Superman sa Pilipinas