Mga Imbak na Marka: Misha

the girl who would die if she cried

here’s a little story for today:

a twelve year-old girl was the only child of a couple who lived in a cottage in the forest. the father would chop wood and sell it to the village below while the mother would tend the garden growing fruits and vegetables for them to eat or sell. once in a while, the father would hunt for birds and other animals and take their beloved dog with him during the hunt.

their dog, Misha, was just a few months older than their daughter. married for over five years, the couple never thought they would never have a child and so they adopted this puppy given to them by one of the man’s patrons who buys wood from him. a few months later, the woman got pregnant and gave birth to their daughter. they raised the dog with the child as if they were brother and sister. Misha, who grew up and matured faster than the child, looked after the couple’s daughter dutifully whenever the couple would be away hence the bond and great affinity of the two.

there was a problem, however. the child grew up with a terrible curse — she would die if she cried. Misha seemed to understand this and always tried to make the little child happy whenever they were together. and the child delighted in every moment they spent together inside the house or outside in the forest.

but Misha was just a dog — his body aged faster and was not as young as it had been previously and soon life in him was gone.

i’m not sure if one can outgrow it but this ‘curse’ seems to be real medical condition in younger children.