Mga Imbak na Marka: Mar Roxas

here come the reinforcements!

technically, hindi. pero i think the Universe is giving me a hint. it’s Day 3 of Mar Roxas’ “Thank You Tour” and so far, it’s been a hit with me. though the skeptic in me says it’s a PR stunt/just a group of PR people doing it, it still spoke to me how to enjoy blogging again — and how others might enjoy reading my blogs too. hindi puro ka-nega-han lang forevs.

there’s no strain in the text. hindi nagpapaka-profound or anything. it’s really just notes, anecdotes, and pictures of a trip. there are even “thought bullets” ng random stuff. and they seem genuine and it’s really fun to read and see Mar Roxas ‘live a little’, you know? specially with all the toxicity i get from work and even just the news all around.

so, yeah. i thought of letting my guard down. now i think i made the right decision just because Mar’s “travel blog” reinforces that thought.

that put a smile on my face today. 🙂 happy thoughts!

here’s a sample post from his Facebook Page c/o

Sipag at Tiyaga Caravan? oh come on…

there’s nothing ‘good’ about a Good Friday where TRAPOs are just all over.

eh pano ba naman, they’re giving away cardboard fans with Manny Villar’s face plastered on it with his profile-slash-acheivments. nakaka-irita. isali niyo na rin tong si Mar Roxas. hay naku… just thinking about their campaign ads (huwag na tayo maglokohan, Manny, Mar… alam nateng nangangampanya na talaga kayo). to think i had hope in Mar Roxas… this is just so~ low and unattractive to me.

it pains me to say na ang bobo talaga ng mga Pilipino — kasama na ako dun. bakit? kasi kahit na alam kong ganito, wala akong ginagawa. i just know it. mananalo pa din sila sa susunod na eleksyon, kahit na napaka-obvious na garapal naman sila sa posisyon. nag-uunahan na sila sa pwesto kahit wala pa sa campaign period. kaya walang nakalagay na “VOTE FOR ME!” sa mga TV ads, freebees, stickers, etc. kasi bawal. and the thing is, nakakalusot. mas malakas nga ang recall pag ganito ginagawa pero kung pag-iisipang mabuti, saan nga ba nila ULIT kukunin yung ginastos nila sa premature na pangangampanyang ito?

we’ve heard it time and time again. pero how do we become ‘educated’ enough to know who’s genuinely interested in making this country great once more? who’s interested in giving us the public service we deserve? who’s honest and clean enough?

Good Friday, for me, is everyday in the Philippines knowing these kinds of people are in our government. But there’s nothing really GOOD about it. puro lang sakripisyo. bwisit.