Mga Imbak na Marka: malolos

Convention Invention

i’ll be gone tomorrow and friday because of this annual regional convention of our professional organization in Malolos. heck, i’m not even practicing the profession!

i graduated with an engineering degree and even passed the board exams. but i ended up doing science so i passed the board for a profession which i’m not actually a professional in! (did that make sense at all?) i thought of it, actually, as a “plan B”. should i lose my current job, i’d have a profession to fall back on. only thing is, now, for me to renew my professional license to practice, i have to have ‘good standing’ in our professional organization. which is why i’m forced to attend the convention in the next 2 days.

is that wrong? maybe not… it might be the way to filter out those who are interested in engineering and those who are just looking forward to finishing college degrees. and then there’s the brotherhood and fellowship among your fellow professionals. that’s what i’m even more scared about… since i haven’t practiced my profession, and most of my classmates have registered their membership to NCR, i’m not hoping to find any members in Region III with whom i’ll be friends with! hay… parang first day of school!!! hahaha…

i wonder what will happen during the two days i’ll be away from work and home. scary.