Mga Imbak na Marka: lighthouse

next obsession: lighthouses

there is just so much stuff to see in the philippines that you just don’t know where to start. and conversely, you can probably choose a ‘theme’ for your trips and you’ll definitely go around the country a lot! want beaches? water falls? mountains? caves? you’ll see them all here.

but what interests me more recently are lighthouses!

it’s a ‘niche market’ so-to-speak. and probably requires more paperwork to get into/visit, specially in more built-up areas such as Subic where there’s security concern. but most of the time, in my experience, light houses in the country are easy to get into.

my first (and only?) light house was in balicasag island, showing the old and new light houses. wish we could’ve gotten inside though and perhaps a more thorough history of the lighthouse, or even details on how they were built. one was very modern while the other showed traditional construction techniques for high buildings. and it really made me wonder how it was when it was fully operational — how employees would stay and pass the time, or should distress signals come in, how would they have responded.

anyway, perhaps that’ll be my ‘travel goal’ for the coming future: more lighthouses and more research on them. 🙂

throwback thursday: bohol day 2 AM

because i don’t think i’ll be able to blog about this anymore because it’s too far back in time, maybe i’d just post the gallery of where we’ve been in the following days since my last entry on our bohol-cebu travels.

the next day was our island hopping tour at 6AM. Cherry’s Home had already arranged the boat for this and it was really hassle-free. the boatman, Kuya Lezar (if i remember correctly), always had a warm smile and kind voice. He took us out to sea for some dolphins (but none came to welcome us. sad.) and then to Balicasag island to see the lighthouses, and some snorkeling, and then to Pungtud Island. This pretty much occupied our morning because traveling by boat isn’t easy. but the beaches — the white sad, the crystal clear water — were worth the time.