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Lazada sample authorization letter

been having some problems with delivery sa lazada for some time. maybe they’re stricter with their delivery policy because of some incidents (just maybe) kaya siguro hindi na nila iniiwan sa information desk namin yung mga items ko which, in the past, they did.

so now, i have to write an authorization letter just in case.

i’ll put what i write below. you can just copy-paste it if tinatamad kayo and palitan niyo na lang yung details. 🙂



To whom it may concern:

I hereby authorize <insert name> (or kung di mo kilala, puweding ilagay, “the guard on-duty”) to accept deliveries from under my name for Order # <order number>. I am attaching the confirmation email as well as a copy of my valid government-issued ID (puwedeng Driver’s License, Passport, PhilHealth, Postal) for identification purposes. Should there be a need to contact me, you can reach me through <phone number>.

Thank you very much.


Yours truly,

Mister Pogi/Miss Maganda


and then just sign it. of course, don’t forget to attach yung mga sinabi mong i-a-attach mo.

so far, i’ve got 3 out of the 4 items i had delivered. hopefully i won’t need to write another letter for the last one. sayang ang papel.

online shopping again!

but it’s not about spending on personal stuff. i have discovered the joys of virtual window shopping and online stores! and now i just ordered a new package and they arrived last week in two batches. the second item i ordered was on pre-order so there was a small discount.

i just bought 8 packs of disposable diapers.

and this is my 3rd post on parenthood on the blog. and this isn’t even a parenting blog!

everything’s changed!

ganoon yata talaga. priorities change. but i still get to browse occasionally on the stuff that i want. pero yung mga mumurahin na lang ang tinitingnan ko. yung mga ‘affordable’ at ‘sale’ items. mahirap na. madami pa naman kaming utang ngayon. haha!


first pair of cans! sennheiser hd201 from lazada

i must’ve been one of the bargain hunters on lazada that day. so remember the thing that i bought online the other day? here it is:


i’ve heard a lot about sennheisers in the past which made me trust the brand. i so wanted these headphones way back that i asked around already for their price in shops and music stores as well as online sellers. though technically good for the price, i still wasn’t willing to shell out over Php 1,000.00 for a pair of listening devices yet. i stuck with my Philips earphones that just cost me around Php 350.00 and was pretty happy with the sound they produced.

no, i’m not an audiophile but there are just some things you like to listen to and you just want something better than the default “headsets” that came bundled with your phone right? sometimes, you actually get good quality headsets but more often than not, it’s cheap and crappy-sounding.

when i saw the huge discount on lazada, i still debated with myself whether i should buy or not. they are now an old product. they are probably old stocks and maybe Sennheiser was releasing newer models by the end of the year. but ultimately, it was the price that convinced me. even if they are old, they still must sound good anyway. which makes me a happy music enthusiast.