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Baguio street food and the Botanical Gardens


if you read A’s post about our first day in Baguio, then you’ll know we lost about 4 hours of gala time in the morning. and because the temperature was a blistering (hehehe) 14 degrees Celsius, it would have been a nice walk around the city. but we needed sleep badly and so we had to nap on the afternoon.

after a nice hot shower, we were off to the Botanical Gardens. Being the neophyte in this Baguio adventure, I let A do all the tour-guiding (whut?). the ladies beside the artsy sign of the botanical garden apparently charge P10.00 per picture taken with them. what’s amusing is that they already know what i call the “japan-japan” pose.


at the entrance gate, someone was selling corn. at P30.00 each, it was presyong turista so A and i shared one. it must’ve had some drug since after finishing it, i wanted to eat corn again that night. and even now in manila, i have this hankering for corn! after having our fill, the tour of the botanical gardens turned into a garbage bin hunt to throw the corn cob. inevitably, we went to the food shops in the gardens that had garbage bins… but they also had ihaw-ihaw on display! Magpatuloy magbasa Baguio street food and the Botanical Gardens

unhappy snaps

when my dad attended his HS reunion, he took KC (my digital camera) with him. and since there was no cook for that day, my sister and i decided to do as we please and cooked up some ‘new’ dishes, i.e. those that we wouldn’t cook on a normal day. 🙂 and to document it, i used my (well, now my sister’s) new “Nokia 6300”.

the menu was 2 simple dishes. 1.) buttered corn and carrots and 2.) grilled bbq chicken.

Magpatuloy magbasa unhappy snaps

no-breakfast friday is bad

i’m really a breakfast person. and when i don’t get breakfast, i tend to get really grumpy. and can’t work. can’t think. grrrr… *angry face*

now i’m thinking about having breakfast delivered. jollibug? i really love their hotdog breakfast meal. cheap but really filling. only thing is, medyo nagsasawa nako. i want something else… i’m thinking i gotta try MangDonalds. muffins? that’s not pinoy food. but all they have is longganisa with rice! sigh…

it’s really depressing. my friday isn’t starting as well as i had hoped.

but still, i have lunch to look forward to. *smile na pilit*