Mga Imbak na Marka: engineering

me, the designer

i have always thought of myself as an artistic person. hindi yung maarte ha? yung ma-‘art’. parang that time when i questioned my sexual preference. JOKE! 😛

i had that doubt, though. really. bading ba ako? i mean i’m not into basketball and sports.

i liked gardening. i hated heavy metal and rock. i wasn’t even into alternative music in high school when everyone was liking Parokya ni Edgar and Eraserheads. I stuck to my “Mantovani” as my mom would call it.

I believed I had some aesthetic sensibilities in clothing… for others. i’d just wear what my dad would usually give me. 😛

Magpatuloy magbasa me, the designer

to practice or not to practice?

back from the… uhhh… small semi-paradise and break in Malolos! unexpectedly, i had some time to think and actually enjoy the convention… but raised a lot more questions and somehow find myself out of place at times during the event.

dapat ko bang alagaan pagka-Engineer ko? considering the mountain of requirements and i’m not even a practitioner! hay…

but anyway, i’m back. 🙂 pics to follow. 😀