Mga Imbak na Marka: Emma Stone

sssshhhh… i just lost my virginity

and i’m sure the title got you here! haha!

and if i were in showbiz, this “status” or blog title would create waves. but i’m a nobody so it’s OK. besides, i haven’t really lost it yet! wala pang nangangahas (or nagkakamali) LOL. but if this “confession” was verbal, it would be a different story. chismis would start, right? and rumors fly fast! and we know that all too well, don’t we? kahit tama or mali yung balita, kakalat at kakalat siya. which brings me to the movie i watched last night: Easy A.

i was supposed to watch Megamind but since i could watch that safely with another person, i opted to watch something that i know *i* would enjoy.

first off, Easy A isn’t for those who are a bit too touchy about their religion or faith. some parts may have been exaggerations but what do you expect from a hollywood film from the US? it’s not meant to conform to our social standards. i guess what you see could (i’m not sure ok?) actually be happening in the schools there.

with that disclaimer, i really think the writers of Easy A were really smart. and can i just say that Emma Stone is so pretty. hot. beautiful. makes me drool. (ok, enough.)

as i was saying, the writers were pretty smart. i dunno, for a teen romantic comedy flick, it’s got brains this one. lotsa quick quips and situations that are *nudge, nudge* type of humor and more talky comedy. for example:

Marianne (the good girl): There’s a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.
Olive Penderghast (the “bad” girl): Tom Cruise?

Magpatuloy magbasa sssshhhh… i just lost my virginity