Mga Imbak na Marka: Ed Panlilio

spot the difference

during my afternoon bike around our place, i noticed a concrete marker on the side of a newly paved road. it was about a meter high and bears the provincial seal of Pampanga. the marker was written with black paint over a white background and was in kapampangan (i’ll translate it for you, don’t worry). and after seeing this, i had a big smile on my face but immediately left with a deep sigh of depression. before i explain, i’d like to show you how the marker looked like and what is written:

in red, “Province of Pampanga”. the text below, “concreting of barangay road E. Mercado St. Ext., San Vicente; Length (blank); Budget: P 466,185.99; this project for the people is made possible through the cooperation of the provincial government and the local government unit of Sto. Tomas, Pampanga.


what do you see? what do you NOT see?

i just had to capture this so the following week, during my afternoon bike around town again, i snapped this photo. i could not resist sharing this. it is my opinion that it would be a grave sin to society and to the voting public to not make this known.

okay. now, let’s take a look at specimen #2.

i don’t see any need for any translation whatsoever. of course, it’s all in English, right?

let’s play a game now. spot the difference…

i tell you, campaign period started way before politicians started filing their certificates of candidacy.

EDaku Asali!

in Isabela, Gov. Padaca was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.
in Bulacan, Gov. Mendoza was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.
in Pampanga, Gov. Panlilio was removed from office by Comelec in favor of a GMA ally.

and kelan na nga ulit ang eleksyon? aaaahhh… sa May na diba? may koneksyon kaya yung mga nangyayari sa eleksyon? hmmm…

aminin man naten o hindi, may impluwensiya ang gobernador sa magiging resulta ng eleksyon whether by indirectly or directly involving him/herself. alam na natin paano nagwo-work yung direct involvement. yung indirect eh halimbawa: security. paano kung di ma-secure ng PNP/AFP ang mga presinto? di ba dapat i-ensure ng governor, together with the COMELEC officials, na secure and protected ang mga balota?

second example, yung mga ka-partido ng incumbent have the upper hand, hindi ba? although sometimes party affiliation can be a bane sometimes to an absolutely brilliant candidate, the machinery is there to assist you, more so kung incumbent ang kapartido mo.

Magpatuloy magbasa EDaku Asali!