Mga Imbak na Marka: Coke

replacing a bulb on high ceilings without a ladder

it’s that day that i’ve been dreading and anticipating all these years living in our house… i knew it would arrive. i tried to prepare for it but i didn’t know how to, really. i just thought i could wing it when it happened. and then last week, it did. it happened.

*drum roll*

napundi yung ilaw sa kisame.

you’re laughing and reading this with one eyebrow raised and your lips in a curl. hear me out first before you judge me as a drama queen. or king. whichever describes me best depending on how you know me.

yung kisame kasi sa bahay ngayon, it’s about 10-12 feet high. and it’s in the middle of the room. wala naman kaming hagdan and even if we did have it, i don’t think aabot siya sa ganoong height na stable pa din siya.

syempre, ako tong walang kakilala sa neighborhood at ayaw humingi ng tulong (*cough*, introvert, *cough*), naghanap muna ako sa internet ng paraan. what i saw were these long poles with contraptions that grip the bulb at the end so you can twist it off. but then i found this video on youtube and thought i’d give it a whirl:

looks easy enough. and cheap! so the handyman-do-it-yourself-er in me worked on it and scavenged stuff around the house. (i feel so manly! RAWRRRRRR!!!!!!) i did everything on-the-fly and didn’t do any measurements prior to working on this! pramis! peksman! mamatay man! tamaan man ng kidlat!

1. cut a Coke PET bottle in half right where the curve meets the straight part.
2. remove the cap and stick into a pole or something. hmmm… i wonder if that Scotch Brite mop would…
3. it did! just unscrewed the mop head and stuck the bottle in. fit perfectly! really snug and won’t twist so you won’t be twisting in vain.
4. find a rag or towel to serve as a grip for the bulb. i was supposed to use something grippy-er like those mats on car dashboards that prevent your phone from sliding. but i didn’t want to cut ’em so i opted for a rag.
5. place inside the ‘cup’
6. try to use it to remove the bulb. i tried to fit the one i’m putting in and it’s quite loose so…
7. i added another rag and it’s better. bulb won’t get damaged and it won’t move around when i hold it up.


after seeing how effectively this worked for me, i just had to replace the other one on the ceiling in the living room. the light was too dim and weak for the living space (7-Watt CFL) and i replaced it with a 15-Watt one. masyado akong natuwa sa aking “superpower” — kaya kon ng magpalit ng bumbilya kahit sa mataas na kisame!!! LOL

this is one of the greatest ‘accidental hacks’ i’ve ever had. 😀

i miss twisty straws

don’t you, too? iba-iba pa yung kulay tapos iba-iba din yung ikot ng inumin mo. it makes something so mundane very exciting. would you stare at your softdrink as it rises up your striped straw? or how about your frappuccino? you can’t actually. opaque yung straws ng mga coffee shop dito eh. wouldn’t that be fun? hehe…

wala lang. mukhang nagse-second childhood ako. looking at the simple joys i can find… yung feeling ng awe and wonder and you just look at liquid going around twisty straws make you go “oooh!” as if it was the strangest and coolest thing on the planet.

Magpatuloy magbasa i miss twisty straws