Mga Imbak na Marka: cebu pacific

Bohol-Cebu trip – preamble

heto na… heto na… sana huwag na ma-udlot! 😀

i remember blogging an “intro” to our Malaysia-Singapore trip a few years back but never actually followed-up on the post. nakaka-inis nga eh. i told myself i would document it via pictures and blog — para naman maalala ko experiences ko dun. sadly, i never got to blogging about it… sayang. pero i’m trying to make up for it with this one! maybe i-digest ko siya into little pieces — one entry each for the places we’ve been para hindi naman parang napaka-general na overview lang meron. or maybe i could do that part with this first entry.

or not. basta. blog lang ng blog! 🙂

i’m a couch potato. even if i love sight-seeing, i never get myself off the proverbial couch and book flights to places i’ve never been to. i’m more of a come-what-may kind of traveler. if work requires me to go to Tacloban, then i’ll go. if friends plan to travel to SG and invite me, i’d go if i had the money. but i usually wouldn’t book a flight and plan things by myself… and that’s when i find A (yes, she blogs now, too!) to be a blessing. 😀 teehee

she booked this trip way back in May and said this would be some sort of delayed anniversary gift for ourselves. and because she has always wanted to give her dad the chance to ride an airplane at least once in his life, we brought him as well as my MIL with us.

Magpatuloy magbasa Bohol-Cebu trip – preamble

malaysia-singapore trip: prologue

i just realized that i haven’t posted anything about our barkada’s trip outside of the country. i went to india way back in 2008 methinks but this was my first time to travel abroad for pleasure and not for work. it was planned way back january this year because of the seat sale of cebu pacific. plus because we have friends in both countries working there, we could save a little on accommodation. 🙂

first stop was in kuala lumpur. we had our flight in the morning at NAIA Terminal 3 and i was slightly nervous because we were trying to think if we would survive the itinerary that was set up for us… including the gastos! 😛

at the check-in area, everything was OK. maluwag kasi sa T3. maayos din yung pila so we queued on the open counter to get our boarding passes. one little hickup: apparently, the tickets we bought from Cebu Pacific don’t include government taxes. i didn’t experience this with my first international trip so it was kinda weird. they pointed us to the counter and i felt i just got held up. Php 1,620.00 per person! hindi pa nga ako nakaka-apak ng eroplano, wala na ang Php 3,240.00 namin ni A! we didn’t account for that so bawas na yun sa budget namin for the trip. 😦

we got our boarding passes and then went through the next stage of pre-flight procedures in NAIA — the terminal fee. if i remember correctly, it’s Php 750.00. i expected just around Php 500.00 but clearly, i was misinformed. another slash off the vacation budget. 😦

here comes the best part: immigration. and i just had a little problem with the big girl in the counter. i’ve heard and read a lot and it seems that everyone complains about immigration people in the airport. well, i am officially one of them now. maybe it was a bad day, maybe it was a long day for her, but i didn’t care to justify her attitude. wala din akong pasensiya that day i guess.

Magpatuloy magbasa malaysia-singapore trip: prologue