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Bohol Day 2 Afternoon: Two Churches, a Cave, and Seashells

as i browse through the photos, i still can’t believe that these churches have been damaged by the earthquake last October 2013. if i could walk through the walls again, maybe i would try to soak up all of the beautiful imagery i could than just stand there and take pictures. pictures are great but seeing the real thing and being in awe its proportion to your small size — it’s just an awesome feeling and overwhelmingly so.

from the bee farm, we headed to Dauis to visit Dauis Church. what immediately caught my attention was the belfry which had spikes that i associate with european gothic churches. inside, you see a mix of the old and new (albeit a bit tacky). the new paint on the walls didn’t seem to blend quite well with the antique finish of the retablos and altars. still the artwork on the sanctuary ceiling were a sight.

Magpatuloy magbasa Bohol Day 2 Afternoon: Two Churches, a Cave, and Seashells

throwback thursday: bohol day 2 AM

because i don’t think i’ll be able to blog about this anymore because it’s too far back in time, maybe i’d just post the gallery of where we’ve been in the following days since my last entry on our bohol-cebu travels.

the next day was our island hopping tour at 6AM. Cherry’s Home had already arranged the boat for this and it was really hassle-free. the boatman, Kuya Lezar (if i remember correctly), always had a warm smile and kind voice. He took us out to sea for some dolphins (but none came to welcome us. sad.) and then to Balicasag island to see the lighthouses, and some snorkeling, and then to Pungtud Island. This pretty much occupied our morning because traveling by boat isn’t easy. but the beaches — the white sad, the crystal clear water — were worth the time.

Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

the first day of our Bohol trip nearing its end, we were set to visit a butterfly farm. My guess is this is as common as the petting zoos they have along the roads. this butterfly farm is a little bit different because it’s surrounded by nipa and is elevated. kinda reminds me of our old house in pampanga. well, the actual farm isn’t elevated. the ‘museum’ is. the real farm was a beautiful garden to the side of the hut. 🙂

aside from the butterflies, the minor attractions that greeted us were the turtles (which i didn’t get on camera) and the monitor lizard inside a large enclosure.


after paying the fee (it was Php 20.00 if I am not mistaken), we went into the hut through a rickety bamboo bridge. underneath, we saw the ‘minor attractions’ but my parents-in-law were too worried they might fall into it! lol. after crossing the small bridge, a whole bunch of framed and preserved butterflies greet you everywhere. in the middle of the space, more than 3 dozen butterflies are displayed between two glass panels. i wondered why these weren’t framed like the others with white opaque panels. i got my answer soon enough.

the staff let us have a look first at everything before he called us to have the obligatory “i got wings when i went here” shoot. manong took my camera and had us stand at the opposite end of the room as he positioned himself near the butterfly panel. not long after, we had proof that we were fairies. 😀


Magpatuloy magbasa Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

i miss the random updates

well, well, well… look do we have here! (yes, that’s intentional. :D)

ang tagal ko ng hindi nababalikan ang multiply account ko. and now that i just got back from browsing it, i realized how much more ‘spontaneous’ i was and less formal and ‘professional’ in my blogging. casual na casual lang.

in short, i feel na tumanda na nga ako. (i hate it. haha!)

then again, OK lang din naman. at least i know i’m progressing and not stagnant. though i miss those kinds of posts… the crazy and carefree posts and statii (plural ng status? copyright 2012 by me.) in the form of blog posts.

i do believe na we’ve replaced meaningful blog posts with mediocre status updates and tweets. i think i have fallen into that trap na din in some way and this post is just to remind myself of who i was and what i enjoyed then… not to judge if i’ve become better or worse. basta something lang na pwedeng balikan at pag-isipan.

and so, i guess i remind myself that all those status updates may not mean anything in the long run. but blog posts matter more… perhaps.

i hate it. seryoso na naman ako! haha! hey, i tried to be more spontaneous again. so ayan… 🙂

bitin ang post na ‘to, i know. but it’s nice to get updated about random things right? but i’m setting up myself to finish the Cebu-Bohol blog series pa din. aja! 😀

two quickies: ShipHaus and the man-made forest

i put these sites together because we didn’t spend much time exploring them and mostly just for photo-ops. some sort of “yes, i was there” shot. and, yes, i know the title might harass you but it’s not what you think! 😛

the ShipHaus is a popular landmark along the highway going to the Chocolate Hills. it’s been featured by a couple of magazine-type shows on TV and all i know is that a ship captain missed sailing so much that he thought of building his house in the shape of a ship. it was really amusing to see this when you pass by and i guess the owners are already used to having strangers stop and take pictures. we didn’t go and look what was inside since, well, we weren’t really that interested, to be honest. maybe if it were a tank or a submarine, then maybe i would be interested to see what’s inside. but i’m not a fan of ships. 🙂

on the other hand, our other ‘quickie stop’, the Bohol man-made forest, was very interesting to me. according to our guide/driver, Manong Cito, the reforested part was the coolest part of the highway. on both sides of the road, you see these slender Mahogany trees reaching high up to the sky to get some sunshine. apparently, since they were planted mostly at the same time and grew at the same rate, it made them grow taller than they normally should. i’ve passed by Quezon Avenue in Quezon City a thousand times and the Mahogany trees were tall but not as slender as the ones in Bohol.

while driving through the strip of road, i was half-expecting the Cullen house at the end just around the bend. it was mysterious and enchanting at the same time. i’m not sure if i would like to pass by the road at night though but thinking about how Alice would set up lights to guide guests into the Cullen house got me wondering again and excited to see how wonderful it’ll look! it made my mind wander, too, how it would feel to trek or hike through the forest because it’s not like any forest i’ve been to. (went up forested areas in Zambales, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna but none looked like the man-made forest of Bohol). maybe there’s a trail that we could try out next time we visit! 🙂 plus, it was a good thing that the road wasn’t a busy one so we were able to get some shots in the middle of the road.

the Loboc River on Busai Monark

one of the spots that i’ve always looked forward to in this trip was the Loboc River. why? because it’s the time when i can just relax and have a wonderful meal while we cruise around the river in between the green mountains.

the registration was quick and easy enough (they charge Php 400.00 per person). oh, i forgot to tell you, the nice thing i like about the tickets they sell in Bohol is that you get a postcard for every ticket! so you just don’t throw away the tickets once they get the stub. it’s a pretty nice idea, if you ask me. 🙂

anyway, back to the cruise. it took only about 15 mins before the floating restaurant was full and we were on our way. the spaces in between tables was good enough and the buffet table was mid-sized with about 8 dishes/viands on both sides. i was quite famished after the plane ride and some of the tour we had earlier so i was expecting some good food to have that day for lunch. but, alas, it wasn’t.

i wasn’t really disappointed. perhaps my expectations just weren’t met. the seafood was fine: boiled shrimp and crab were no different than what we have at home. and they were about the same size, too — small. so that was a bit of a bummer. the pancit was on the salty side and the chicken ‘nuggets’ were kind of tough. well some of them. and then i dared to get some of the food which i’m not familiar with — yes, i lead a dangerous life. 😛 but ultimately, i finished the coconut milk dish and the seaweed dish with difficulty. in my mind, i always had to justify that the food was just traditional in Bohol and i had no way of knowing if it was good or bad. i just have to stay neutral and say “it wasn’t my kind of food but it was OK.” 😀

oh, and then your choice of drinks is limited to two: 1 small bottle of Coke or water. i chose softdrinks to wash the flavors away but bought a small bottle of water (at P40!!! holdap!) afterwards. oh well…

the music that serenaded us was mostly jukebox selections sung by some guy accompanied by an electric guitar. kinda reminds me of our local pulosa in Pampanga but the young-at-heart seemed to appreciate the playlist so i can’t speak for everybody on the cruise. hehe. it was kind of entertaining, still.

when i expected nothing more from this cruise, we approached a little floating hut along the river and docked right beside it. and what greeted us was absolutely fun! more than 3 dozen men, women, and children playing guitars/ukelele and dancing for us! it was so much fun, A and the FIL decided to join in! haha! 🙂 though this was part of the fee we paid, i’m sure, A still dropped some money on the donation box they passed around. it doesn’t hurt to give more with all the smiles they showed us. 🙂

and then we went back to the pier where we started. so the tour was 4/5 stars. the food was 2.5/5 stars. but the river? 5/5!

Bohol-Cebu trip – preamble

heto na… heto na… sana huwag na ma-udlot! 😀

i remember blogging an “intro” to our Malaysia-Singapore trip a few years back but never actually followed-up on the post. nakaka-inis nga eh. i told myself i would document it via pictures and blog — para naman maalala ko experiences ko dun. sadly, i never got to blogging about it… sayang. pero i’m trying to make up for it with this one! maybe i-digest ko siya into little pieces — one entry each for the places we’ve been para hindi naman parang napaka-general na overview lang meron. or maybe i could do that part with this first entry.

or not. basta. blog lang ng blog! 🙂

i’m a couch potato. even if i love sight-seeing, i never get myself off the proverbial couch and book flights to places i’ve never been to. i’m more of a come-what-may kind of traveler. if work requires me to go to Tacloban, then i’ll go. if friends plan to travel to SG and invite me, i’d go if i had the money. but i usually wouldn’t book a flight and plan things by myself… and that’s when i find A (yes, she blogs now, too!) to be a blessing. 😀 teehee

she booked this trip way back in May and said this would be some sort of delayed anniversary gift for ourselves. and because she has always wanted to give her dad the chance to ride an airplane at least once in his life, we brought him as well as my MIL with us.

Magpatuloy magbasa Bohol-Cebu trip – preamble