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Isla Vista needs a lot of improvement

Since i don’t want to make another write-up, i thought of just copying my review on TripAdvisor (again). XD I posted my pictures there too. 😀

isla vista

We traveled as a big group: 4 families. we booked the Courtyard which houses 4 rooms (each with T&B) plus a common living/dining area and kitchen. Sound great right? Well, not exactly.

Courtyard looks and feels dated. The kitchen tiles confirms it. There isn’t even a proper metal sink. Just a tiled hole on a concrete countertop slab. The furniture are structurally sound but it’s pretty obvious that it’s just a mash-up of anything and everything available to the resort and stuck inside it. Even the TV didn’t have enough cable channels to entertain us. The cables were everywhere too! And those jallousie windows? Forget about trying to close them. It ain’t gonna work. There’s a garden on the side fronting the beach where you can grill food. The garden was left to just keep growing and it was just really untidy.

We got Room #1 and the displeasure continues. It was a pretty dimly lit room and it was not the romantic kind. Paint peeling from water-logged walls. Seems like the renovation/improvement was done hastily or on a budget. Really thin coats of yellow paint on doors. Even saw old termite tubes on the walls. The T&B were below average.

Magpatuloy magbasa Isla Vista needs a lot of improvement