Mga Imbak na Marka: blood moon

“but i packed my pyjamas!”

i think a whole lot of people were anticipating the lunar eclipse this morning. it’s just that not many were willing to do a ‘graveyard shift’ to view the moon turn red. besides, the eclipse happens on a weekday and we all had work that same morning. i had no intention of depriving myself of sleep so when we packed stuff for the overnight stay at the office, i brought my sleep wear with me.

got to the office around 11pm yesterday and mainly logged on to facebook and other stuff. was really sleepy that time already and i thought i’d prepare my “bed” inside the office. but i wanted to see how the Philippine Astronomical Society were setting up their equipment so i invited my officemate and her housemate to go to the roofdeck to check it out.

big mistake. why? because after that, i just couldn’t leave! the moon was so bright and enchanting that i was pretty sure it had some magical effect on me, specially because i had my guard down because i was getting sleepy.

Magpatuloy magbasa “but i packed my pyjamas!”