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reading KonMari

i’m amazed how much i don’t know and yet they’ve been staring me in the face the whole time. it took a book to make me realize them!

kasi, i’ve been reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” or more popularly known as the “KonMari Method” book. into the first few pages and i just wanted to quote lines and post them as FB statuses! (or is it “statii”?)

unfortunately, too, is that i’m one of those “busy people” who seem to never have time to get things done. and i will admit, i at times feel so swamped that i just pretend like everything’s OK and ignore the mess i have.

i’m a hoarder. and i hate it. my mom always scolded my grandmother for keeping old clothes and junk in her closet but she does the same thing now. and i think i’m like them now. i find it hard to let go of stuff because of sentimental value. i keep a hanky coz someone gave it to me even if it’s thinner than tissue paper twice reused. i proudly wear a shirt that’s got large armpit holes large enough for a twin. i still wear my repaired and re-repaired slippers even if i just bought a new pair.

but we all start somewhere. and i should make time for this mission to tidy-up the house. it can’t be miraculously done in a day i’m certain. but it will be done.

… after i read the entire book. 😛


start. pause. play.

laging ganito ang tugtugin kapag new year. may bagong new year’s resolution na laging napapako. sasabihin, “start na ako bukas magbagong-buhay.” uulit-ulitin. hanggang makalimutan na nga. at kadalasan, ito yung mga #balikalindog programs. dahil nga party-galore and lamon-forever ang holiday season, laging kalusugan ang tinitingnan at kaagad napagdi-diskitahan na ayusin sa buhay.

well, i’ve had this problem for over 2 years already and it just can’t seem to break out of it.

mahirap talaga magbawas ng timbang. lalo na kung mahilig ka magluto at kumain.

it’s a dilemma, really. ayaw mo kumain ng madami… pero dahil nagluluto ka, natural na gusto mo sarapan yung luto mo. see the problem?

para hindi ka ganahan kumain, magluluto ka intentionally ng hindi masarap. it’s so counter-intuitive diba?

madaling sabihin na portion-control ang kailangan. madaling sabihin na disiplinahin lang ang sarili. pero ang hirap mag-balanse ng tamang timpla ng pagkain at tamang pag-kain.

Magpatuloy magbasa start. pause. play.

GHI part 2

kakasimula ko palang sa project na ‘a blog a day’, and i already missed a few! tsk… buhay may-asawa. 😛

so, what happened? the weekend was OK. the little pumpkin didn’t want to sleep early last saturday so we missed the 9am mass that i desperately needed. pero we were able to attend our barkada’s dad’s wake naman. the liturgy during the burial was of that sunday (i guess Sunday trumps other liturgies) so we got to hear mass na din. of course, naglabasan ang mga pamahiin.

bilang Katoliko, di naman ako naniniwala sa karamihan ng pamahiin (unless may underlying logical reason for it). pero i still followed some, not for our peace of mind for my in-laws’ and relatives’. dahil kapag nalaman nilang nag-uwi ka ng galing sa patay or hindi nag-“pagpag” (2nd definition),  kamalasan ang bitbit mo. the funny thing is, these are the relatives who regularly pray the rosary and go to church every sunday. napapa-buntong-hininga ka na lang. 🙂

also, FYI, free parking sa may Newport. first 5 hours, at least. dahil sa Resorts World. kaya di na kami nakipagsiksikan sa parking ng Shrine of St. Therese. konting lakad lang naman siya eh kaya keri lang.

yesterday (monday) was a biking day (did i mention i biked 3x around campus the other day? i can’t remember…) pero didn’t make it because i was GHI-ed again. so i guess i need to make up for it today. plus overtime sa work. 🙂 for a healthy 2016!!! aja!

everything gone cray-cray!

life always loves throwing these curve balls. and sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with them.

last week was one of those days when life threw me fast curve balls one after the other.

first, the car had to get fixed because rats or mice chewed on the fuel line. thank God i didn’t burn the car while i drove to work! i had to call towing to get the car sent to the dealer to get the part replaced. of course, that cost a lot of money.


second, the day after i got the car back, my son gets sick. his temperature reached 39.8 degrees and being new parents, we rushed him to the hospital for two nights straight when his temperature shot up. doctors reassured us after the tests that it wasn’t Dengue. it was a viral infection and we just had to wait it out, trying to bring his temperature down. that of course caused several sleepless nights. during this time, i was supposed to take my Amateur Radio exam that friday. i took it without any decent review or sleep from watching over the little guy.


the wait for the results was extremely tense. i was almost ready to give up on it. i was saying that it must’ve been fate that i not get involved in the hobby.

with the sleepless nights also came the zombie employee mode. i came to work dazed and could barely concentrate. productivity was at a minimum, almost negligible. then there are these ‘side projects’ at work that i had to accomplish. and there’s my vlogging. whew!

i’ve never felt spread that thin in a long time.

even now, the little one still has his early morning fits. it is more manageable but so far, i think i haven’t quite recovered yet from all of it.

still, a little cray-cray moments in life just adds spice.

by the way, i just passed the exam. 🙂


Mother’s Milk by Traditional Medicinals from

even before i became a dad, i’ve always believed in breastfeeding. (the baby, not the dad. #PervAlert!) i believe that it’s one of God’s most genius designs of nature, and one that cannot, unfortunately, be shared by a father with his child. nevertheless, i could still be a good supportive husband can’t I?

so when the breast pump’s valves got damaged, A noticed a decline in milk production. we immediately ordered replacement valves from and it just cost 500. sayang naman ang shipping kung yun lang. i thought i’d add some other stuff that could help bring the milk supply back up. mahal ang formula milk no!

good thing had these organic Mother’s Milk tea to help lactating mothers. A’s been seeing good feedback from Breast Feeding Pinays facebook and thought we’d give them a try. i bought two boxes, one for the office and one for the house. each box contains 16 tea bags.

of course, i can’t review this product directly. though i could comment on the taste once we open them. 😀

ordering was a breeze, paying via PayPal. delivery was really prompt and hassle free. they had the option to leave special instructions so i told them to leave the items with our guard on-duty (something i wish other online shopping sites could do instead of having me rush to the office to receive the items in person. a bit of hassle. secure but a hassle.) and they did. that was pretty convenient.

thank you!

a boring lifestyle

maybe part of parenthood na yan.

napa-isip lang kasi ako ngayon… di na ako maka-kain sa labas ng bongga. bakit? bukod sa sandamakmak kong utang, inuuna na namin siyempre ang gastos kay baby boy. namely diapers, gatas, tubig, sabon, etc. at kapag naisipan naming kumain, dun na kami sa ‘tried and tested’ na. a.k.a. McDo, Jollibee, KFC… exciting pa bang i-blog yun?

na-imagine ko tuloy, parang sponsored entry yung dating:
“OMG! Jollibee slashes P20 off its 1pc. Chicken Joy meal! Tara, kain na tayo!”

*insert face in pabebe pose*

insert my face. ew.



hay naku. ganun na talaga siguro. perhaps this is the perfect time to do a review of the past events i haven’t blogged about. even the blog entries na sinabi kong gagawin ko na di ko naman nagawa. anak ng teteng… 1 year overdue? balyenang delayed? ganon?

anyway, will try to catch up on blogging soon. or maybe i’ll start vlogging naman. 😀 who knows diba? boring na kasi ang type lang ng type. 😛

baby item review: bebeta sterilizer

i know it’s usually mommies who posts reviews of their baby’s stuff online, not dads. but i’m using blogging as therapy for my sleepless nights. what else should i blog about but my daddy experiences with baby stuff! 😛

one does not need a dedicated sterilizer to clean baby’s bottles. that is my opinion. BUT if time isn’t on your side, and waiting for that pot of water to boil and steam your bottles in the kaserola, you might want to get one.

being young newlyweds, our kitchen arsenal is very small and limited. we only cook for ourselves which doesn’t require big pots. hence, sterilizing using small pots requires having to do it by batches — a time-consuming task. we decided to spare ourselves from frequent washing and boiling of feeding bottles and get a sterilizer.

we dropped by Market! Market! after our son’s check-up and bought this really cheap one from Bebeta. the saleslady said that it was a subsidiary of Fisher Price but i had my doubts. the price is a bargain at Php 1,360 compared to the Avent, Chicco, and Fisher Price sterilizers. though it had other functions (e.g. egg cooker, food warmer, juicer), i was already happy that i could warm our baby’s bottles for feeding and not have to wait too long. the time we save is translated to larger electricity cost because this consumes so much electricity as it has a heating plate. but that’s the price you pay for convenience.

Magpatuloy magbasa baby item review: bebeta sterilizer