stepping back

wow, what a ride this 2022 election was!

and i think that, we have to admit it, Marcos won this. no amount of screaming and crying will negate that majority of Filipinos chose him to be the 17th President.

last election, we put so much faith in the surveys. now, only because they are not in our favor, we say they are a ‘mind conditioning tool’ for people not to vote for a losing candidate.

and then we have the senate front-runner: robin padilla. my safest comment on this would be “this is an example of how our democracy is working.” i wouldn’t say it is a healthy one, but it is working.

like the presidency, the requirements are basic: Filipino, of a certain age, and can read and write. this means ANYONE can vie for these electoral posts. my goat is this: if there is no one more qualified, robin padilla is as good a senator as anyone else. but he isn’t. \

do i want another “EDSA People Power?” in all honesty, i don’t know. there’s a battle in me saying ‘we have to mature and accept the democratic process’ while also saying ‘the democratic process does not work if we keep electing these kinds of people.’

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