wwyc (what would you choose?)

i like to process things and weigh out pros and cons before making decisions. but i recently found out (pandemic factoring in) that if i don’t write it down, it just clouds up my mind, mushes it all up in a blurry pool of little bits of ideas and i just lose track of it all… and end up getting depressed or stressed out about it.

and then i remember to just write them down on either Google Keep or some other app. and then forget about them as well.

then when i do remember them, i just need to look back at what i wrote.

but having to blog them, i think, makes for a better reminder as there might be some people who may have other thoughts — better thoughts on the matter than myself.


problema ko lang naman kasi ay gusto ko makagalaw-galaw ng maayos sa may amin. may motor naman ako pero masyadong malaki para ilabas at sayang dahil di naman kalayuan ang mga gusto kong puntahan (for now 😉 )

i have considered two (or maybe 3) options: bike and e-scooter.

bike. may konting trauma ako sa bisikleta dahil ninakaw yung bisikleta ko! kasagsagan ng lockdown. pinagdasal ko na lang na sana eh talagang mas kinailangan nung tao yung pera o yung bike mismo.

now i’m apprehensive of buying a bike since i’m afraid of losing it again to scumbag thieves. i just might go overboard with securing it (i’m actually looking into concrete anchors and large bike chains right now before buying a bike!). but it would do what i need it to do: quick grocery run, buy meds, or just a quiet morning ride.

option 1.5 is a folding bike. the perk is i can fold it and keep it inside the house at night for more security. cons are: it’s pricier and we don’t have much space inside the house to keep it while i’m not using it. i just can’t leave it outside in the mornings.

finally, the e-scooter. nauso din ngayong pandemya. also gives you longer range and it’s even more compact than a folding bike! this one i can keep inside the hose whether morning or night time without worrying about the space it occupies. cons are: even pricier, battery maintenance, and water resistance. plus you’re not moving as much as you would on a bike so health benefits are minimal. at least you are standing up though.

anyway, there you go. ang bumabagabag sa isip ko ngayon.

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